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Burton Green Residents' Association

Residents' Association

Rona Taylor presenting a cheque to
the Air Ambulance representative at the
Lions Annual Presentation evening.
Rona Taylor

Committee Members
Janet Hickinbottom (secretary), Judi Hibberd (secretary), Dianne Adams (treasurer), Mary Webb (Bugle), Andy Gibbs (HS2), Bron Putnam, Helen Hehir, Hilary Cox, Faith Ward, Paddy Deeley.

Chair's Report, March 2022

This edition of the Bugle gives details of a number of important events and activities, so please reach for your diaries and support the community! 

Our lunches for the retired of Burton Green have been running for well over 15 years and I would like to pay tribute to the team who have provided so many fabulous meals at low prices. Everyone looks forward to them and enjoys the opportunity to catch up with friends, particularly since covid curtailed our opportunities to socialise. The next lunch will be on March 11th so book your table! Our Neighbourhood Plan Group has been working hard for a number of years to create a plan for the future of Burton Green. Their efforts will not come to fruition unless you play your part by voting in the referendum which will take place on March 24th at the Village Hall. The group has conducted an extensive consultation with residents, so please help ensure the Neighbourhood Plan becomes a reality. 

The Residents' Association is grateful to residents in Burrow Hill for taking the initiative to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Group which shares footage from doorbell cameras and CCTV. This is proving really useful, particularly in identifying suspicious activity at night. The evidence collected so far shows car doors and front doors being tried, with potential criminals looking for an easy entry. As the police keep warning us, thieves work 24-hour days; keep your property safe and don't make it easy for them. If you would like to join the Neighbourhood Watch Group, if only to receive information, please contact Paddy Deeley. 

Although we have spent twelve years strongly opposing HS2, now that construction has started residents are keen to know what exactly is happening in the village and area and there is a particular interest in the cut and cover tunnel. Peter Stanworth is liaising with HS2 Ltd and their contractors on behalf of the Residents' Association and his clear, detailed reports are proving useful. 

We have exciting plans for the Platinum Jubilee weekend, June 2nd-June 5th, beginning with the lighting of a beacon as part of a national celebration. Please read the details in this edition and put the events in your diaries. 

As the new Village Hall footings are developing and spring bulbs appear, we have a lot to look forward to. Thank you to everyone whose community spirit continues to make Burton Green such a special place to live. 

Rona Taylor, Chair of Residents' Association

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