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Burton Green Residents' Association

Privacy and Data Protection

The Burton Green Residents' Association Privacy and Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.

Chair: Rona Taylor
Committee Members
Janet Hickinbottom (secretary), Judi Hibberd (secretary), Dianne Adams (treasurer), Mary Webb (Bugle), Andy Gibbs (HS2), Bron Putnam, Hilary Cox, Faith Ward, Paddy Deeley, Trish Hancock.

Chair's Report, December 2019

We had a very well attended AGM on Sept 30th with useful discussions on some key current Burton Green issues. Thank you for your support to all who attended.

Preparations for Christmas are now well under way. The tree will be erected on the Jubilee Verge at the beginning of December and Santa will be making his annual visit on Friday December 13th. The chosen charity for this year is Warwickshire Air Ambulance, which relies totally on donations, so please give generously. There will be the opportunity to donate from your door as Santa's sleigh progresses through the village, or you could donate at the village hall where there will be some light refreshments. As always, we are very grateful to the Balsall Common Lions for making this event possible.

Burton Green Church of England Academy children have taken part in a Christmas card competition and it is always a delight to see all the entries displayed in the village hall.

We look forward to seeing you at Burton Green Christmas events. The Residents' Association wishes you all a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020. Many thanks for your support over the year.

Rona Taylor Chair of Residents' Association

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