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Burton Green Residents' Association

Residents' Association

Rona Taylor presenting a cheque to
the Air Ambulance representative at the
Lions Annual Presentation evening.
Rona Taylor

Committee Members
Janet Hickinbottom (secretary), Judi Hibberd (secretary), Dianne Adams (treasurer), Mary Webb (Bugle), Andy Gibbs (HS2), Bron Putnam, Helen Hehir, Hilary Cox, Faith Ward, Paddy Deeley.

Chair's Report, September 2023

We have been facing very challenging times with so many extended road closures over the summer, and HS2 contractors have been made well aware of our frustration which is exacerbated by the fact ,that we were promised by the Parliamentary Select Committee that such closures would never take place. However, access to our lovely new Village Hall may be difficult for many of us, but the quality of community events such as the Produce Show mitigates this considerably. The Residents' Association Residents' Lunch is our next event, so book your table early for September 29th! 

Our AGM will take place on Monday October 9th. Join us at 7.0pm for a glass of wine and light refreshments. If you would like to be a member of the Committee, please let me know, we would welcome your membership. After the brief formalities, there will be an update from Speed watch followed by a discussion led by HS2 representatives on plans for the top of the cut and cover tunnel. This is your opportunity to have your say on a topic of real interest to many, and to raise any other issues of concern. We look forward to seeing you then.

Rona Taylor, Chair of Residents' Association

Parish Magazine - The Bugle
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Privacy and Data Protection

The Burton Green Residents' Association Privacy and Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.