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Burton Green Residents' Association

Residents' Association

Rona Taylor presenting a cheque to
the Air Ambulance representative at the
Lions Annual Presentation evening.
Rona Taylor

Committee Members
Janet Hickinbottom (secretary), Judi Hibberd (secretary), Dianne Adams (treasurer), Mary Webb (Bugle), Andy Gibbs (HS2), Bron Putnam, Helen Hehir, Hilary Cox, Faith Ward, Paddy Deeley.

Chair's Report, June 2021

It was really good to be able to attend a "live" event at the Village Hall on May 23rd, with the Village Hall Committee hosting their produce show. Hopefully this will lead the way for the return of other community events in the not too distant future. 

The Children in Need walk has been re-arranged for Sunday September 19th beginning at 11.0am and we hope to have a big community turn out with donations going to this very deserving charity. We have been chasing HS2 contractors for some time now, urging them to complete all the "tidying up" necessary now they have finished the Greenway diversion. We are particularly concerned about the state of the Jubilee Verge. Despite numerous reminders, this community issue continues to be ignored. A small group of Residents' Association committee will now clear and seed affected areas so that Bill Howes, who has done a brilliant job of looking after the verge for some years, can continue. The troughs are being replanted for the summer and that corner of the village will once again be a joy to drive past. 

We now only have one bus a week to Kenilworth. Warwick County Council axed the 233 Thursday morning service, without any communication with Burton Green. The 233 Monday service still operates, leaving Burton Green at 10.56. Meanwhile, the 87 continues to operate hourly Monday to Saturday and there is also an 89 service which is much less frequent. 

The Residents' Association is considering projects using HS2 Community Funding, so if you have any ideas, please let us know. We continue to meet on Zoom and you can access our minutes on John Webb's Burton Green website.

Rona Taylor, Chair of Residents' Association

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Privacy and Data Protection

The Burton Green Residents' Association Privacy and Data Protection Policy can be viewed here.