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Saturday, 16 April 2016

HS2 Lords Debate

The following report is from Stop HS2:

During Thursday’s (14th April) debate in the House of Lords, it was clear that many of the peers there are well aware of the difficulties people had dealing with HS2 Ltd, Further, they are aware the Lords Select Committee would have to revisit many of the issues previously covered by the Commons HS2 Committee.

With that in mind, we urge anyone thinking about submitting a petition to do so. The deadline is Monday 18th April.

A number of peers made the point that it was vital that the Lords Select Committee did not simply accept the proposals from HS2 Ltd and the Department for Transport so that individuals and groups affected by HS2 could get a satisfactory outcome. The reasoning behind this was summed up in Lord Stevenson of Balmacara’s comment:
“In a representative democracy, there are limited opportunities for individual citizens to be engaged in the parliamentary process. The hybrid Bill processes in Parliament provide an important and valuable opportunity for ordinary citizens to protect their private interests when these are being engaged by powerful private and public organisations. However inconvenient for the Government, Parliament must never abuse the trust placed in us by so many people.“
There were criticisms of the House of Commons Select Committee, with Lord Stevenson going on to say:
“I have to say that the mood at present in the Chilterns from those who tried to engage with the Commons Select Committee is very negative about the experience and there is considerable disenchantment from many people who felt frustrated and patronised. This is not good for democracy, and it is important that the Lords Select Committee can recover some of the ground lost, in the public interest.”

While the Euston area and the problems in London were brought up by many peers, issues in the Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire and elsewhere, along with ancient woodland were also raised.

A number of peers spoke of experience of petitioning the House of Commons Hybrid Bill Committee, and made very similar points. Baroness Young of Old Scone, who spoke in detail about ancient woodland, said:
“It will be very bad for democracy if many people submit petitions and they are not adequately considered by the Select Committee. It is important that right at the beginning of the Select Committee’s work it is absolutely clear what its powers are so that people can know what expectations to have.”
Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market spoke at length of the experiences of the Magic Circle near Euston, and other members of the Stephenson Way Group which includes the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, the Royal Asiatic Society and the Methodist Church.

Lord Berkeley was critical that the Commons group appeared “to have more or less given up, lost interest and taken everything that the promoters said or asserted without question”.
“I want to concentrate on the process of using the Select Committee to give permissions. I was involved in the committees for the Channel Tunnel, HS1 and Crossrail, and I briefly chaired a Private Bill Committee on a Norfolk Broads Bill. One thing I learned is that committees must act in a judicial capacity when hearing petitions and listening to promoters’ responses. They must listen, and they do, certainly in your Lordships’ House. Having heard the petitions, the committee then forms a view on the issues. It may request further studies from the promoter and publishes reports. 
“I know that is what our House of Lords committee will do, but sadly my experience hearing the petitions and discussions from many residents’ groups in the Camden area to the Commons committee was that it fell far short of the independence and fairness which I believe is so important for a promoter to get agreement to enhance the credibility of a scheme and its own work. I am not being critical of the decisions that the committee took, but I am critical of the way it appeared —at least when it neared the end of its work and was considering petitions towards the London end—to have more or less given up, lost interest and taken everything that the promoters said or asserted without question.”
The major issues around Camden and the Euston area were brought up with a number of peers suggesting that the petting start at the London end. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, speaking for the government, suggested that they should be heard following the Summer Recess.

There was some discussion as to whether the Select Committee could appoint their own technical advisors. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said that he would write to members about that, and Lord Berkeley’s motion that the Committee could appoint advisors was tabled.

It’s not clear at the moment how that will play out, but if the government gets its way, the committee will not be able to appoint independent experts for advice and it will be up to petitioners provide evidence from “expert witnesses on the subject where they feel it necessary”.

There was some discussion of whether Additional Provisions could be deposited: Lord Stevenson pointed out that with both Crossrail and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the Lords had considered Additional Provisions.

NB The deadline for submitting petitions is Monday 18th April at 5pm.

A transcript of the complete debate is here:
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=2016-04-14a.360.1&p=13315 - High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill - Second Reading/ 14 Apr 2016/

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Made in Burton Green Workshop Day

Please come along to a workshop for the 'larger than life' sculpture trail, a community arts event for 'Made in Burton Green' to celebrate our environment.

This Saturday, April 16th, 10-3ish  at 28 Hodgetts Lane.

Pop in for all or drop in to collect materials to make at home.

Everyone welcome !

We have lots of materials that have been donated for this purpose, eg  fabric, wire, card tubing and willow.

Please feel free to bring your own materials to work with.

If you would like to work with willow, please wear wellington boots and bring secateurs

Bring a packed lunch.

Best Wishes
Thea, Deirdre and the team

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Art Exhibition 16th/17th April

Calling all Artists in and around Burton Green

 on Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th April 2016
at Burton Green Village Hall

You are invited to exhibit any sort of art/medium

House of Lords HS2 Petition

There will be a meeting at the Village Hall, on Sunday 10th April at 7.30pm.

If youare wondering whether you should petition the House of Lords please come along this Sunday.

Link below if you would like to look at the details ahead or print.

Petitioning the House of Lords ends 18 April 5pm for email [ payment and hand copy may follow after your electronic copy].

Details are on the government web site:

Stop HS2 have put together the relevant details:

The process is simpler than the House of Commons. The main one being the documents may be emailed and money posted.

It is a requirement that the "Prayer" (the last paragraph of the petition) and the signature appear on the same page of your petition. In other words the signature cannot appear on a page on its own. If necessary you will have to introduce more space before the prayer to achieve this. If you attempt to submit your petition without observing this requirement, you will be asked to change the layout before your petition will be accepted.

There is also an HS2 information day in Kenilworth, 27th April 2-8pm Kenilworth Centre, Abbey End car park.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

BG Village Choir Birthday 20th May

Please join us 
7.30 pm Friday 20th May 
to celebrate our 
3rd Birthday 
with our Musical Director 
Seb Farrall BA [Hons] 
at the village hall 

enjoy a Medley of Songs, 
homemade puddings, desserts 
and a Complimentary Pimms 

BYO Drinks & glasses 
£10, Students £5 & small ones free 

We look forward to seeing you

Made in Burton Green 2016

The dates [18th June- 3rd July] coincide with Warwickshire Open Studios and we will have a page advert in the brochure for the event and we are part of the Coventry trail. The Scarecrows and Sculptures are remaining for a third week this year till 10th July.

Information for Exhibitors at the Hall 25-26 June  

We have access to the Hall  7-9 pm  Friday 24th June, and before the noon opening on Saturday. 25th, .for the exhibitors to set up, and to set up the café.

A small donation of £10 towards the cost of hiring of the Hall and a homemade cake for the café would be appreciated.

Please let us know if you require a socket, large / small table or display screen.

We can provide a white sheet for the table if you do not have one.

BG School will be exhibiting their art work too.

Please let us know if you would like to Exhibit at the hall. Please let us know by 15th April.

Village Hall open to the Public 

Sat.25th June 12 noon-5pm & Sun 26th June 10am-5pm.  

  • Exhibition, Sales and Demonstrations  & vote for your favourite scarecrow. 
  • Café with cake & light lunches. 
  • Burton Green Village Choir 4pm Sun. 26th.
  • Scarecrow results of competition  after the Choir.  

Scarecrows along the Greenway  & larger than life sculptures  

In the National Grid Wood,  Hodgetts Lane 18th June – 10th July. A circular trail to celebrate our environment.

NB Scarecrow registration 10 am -12 noon, 18th June at VH open to all.
Owners will then  place their crows along the Greenway between Cromwell Lane Bridge and National Grid Wood entrance.

Please mail for a scarecrow crib and ideas sheet.

Workshops for Sculptures   

10 am Sat.16th April at 28 Hodgetts Lane please a bring packed lunch. Or drop in to Stitch Group most Thursdays  7.30 -9.30 if you would like to assist.  Open to all  Dressing of the National Grid Wood will take place from 11th June.

Removal of Scarecrows 

Sunday 10th July  after 5pm by 5pm  Monday 11th July. Sculptures will also be removed from  the National Grid Wood.

The event is being sponsored by BG Parish Council and BG Residents' Association.

Volunteers for any part  of the event extremely welcome.

Thea 293 Cromwell Lane  or Deirdre [28 Hodgetts]                                                            
02476 464 188 madeinburtongreen@me.com