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Sunday, 10 April 2016

House of Lords HS2 Petition

There will be a meeting at the Village Hall, on Sunday 10th April at 7.30pm.

If youare wondering whether you should petition the House of Lords please come along this Sunday.

Link below if you would like to look at the details ahead or print.

Petitioning the House of Lords ends 18 April 5pm for email [ payment and hand copy may follow after your electronic copy].

Details are on the government web site:

Stop HS2 have put together the relevant details:

The process is simpler than the House of Commons. The main one being the documents may be emailed and money posted.

It is a requirement that the "Prayer" (the last paragraph of the petition) and the signature appear on the same page of your petition. In other words the signature cannot appear on a page on its own. If necessary you will have to introduce more space before the prayer to achieve this. If you attempt to submit your petition without observing this requirement, you will be asked to change the layout before your petition will be accepted.

There is also an HS2 information day in Kenilworth, 27th April 2-8pm Kenilworth Centre, Abbey End car park.

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