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Sunday, 9 August 2020

Burton Green Produce Show 2020

In line with many other community events we unfortunately now have to cancel this years Produce Show.  We are adhering to all the guidance for the use of village halls and the show cannot be accommodated within the indoor hall space available

However, in its place we are planning a 'Burton Green Pop Up Produce Market with Tea and Cakes'.  We hope to be selling the following and are encouraging the community to help stock the stalls with home produce including the following:

  • Homemade Jams, Curds and Pickles etc labelled with the Month and Year they were made
  • Spare Fruit and Vegetables from your garden
  • Garden Plants and smaller plant cuttings - please start to take cuttings now
  • House Plants and smaller plant cuttings - please start to take cuttings now
  • Cut Flowers from your garden
  • Herbs
  • Garden Bulbs
  • Anything else garden/produce themed you can think of!

Tea/Coffee and the always delicious cakes will also be on sale.

We anticipate this all being held within the car park which will mean that no parking at the hall will be available so if possible please walk. 

This event will take place on Sunday 13th September, time to be confirmed but probably 1pm-4pm.  

More information will be sent around closer to the date regarding how donations will be collected.  Thanks to all in advance.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Burton Green VE Day Commemoration May 8th 2020 Drone Footage

Burton Green VE Day Commemoration May 8th 2020 Drone Footage. 

 Drone videography by Derek Lawrence, video editing and soundtrack by Jonathan Hehir. 

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Draft Minutes of Residents' Association Committee Meeting July 15th 2020

The meeting was held virtually via Zoom because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic restrictions.


Dianne Adams; Andy Gibbs; Helen Hehir; Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Rona Taylor; Faith Ward; Mary Webb. 

Mary Webb was congratulated on the arrival of a new grandchild.

Apologies and Minutes of the last meeting 

Apologies had been received from Hilary Cox, Bron Putnam and Paddy Deeley.

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Community Fund item to remain on agendaJudy 
Children in Need item to remain on agendaJudi 
Maintain list of suggestions for funding requestsJudi
Compile and submit final list of dates for BGRA bookingsJudi
Ask Paddy to add all committee members to BGRA What’s App groupPaddy
Report overgrown footpath on Red LaneRona
Drone footage of VE Day celebrations to be made availablePaddy
Discussion of precept spending to be added to next agendaJudi 
Next edition of the BugleMary
Preparations for the AGM via ZoomAll
Investigate metal outline of Christmas treeMary
Liaison re VJ DayMary and Rona
Suggestions for charity/ies to benefit from Santa Sleigh 2020All

1. Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

See Minutes of March 4th 2020 meeting

The minutes of the meeting were approved.

Matters Arising from the previous minutes

  • Community Fund item to remain on agenda - continues
  • Children in Need item to remain on agenda - continues
  • Thank you letter to PC - completed
  • Report potholes in Red Lane - completed
  • Various VE Day items superseded as event had to be cancelled because of the pandemic lockdown.
  • Maintain list of suggestions for funding requests - Judi will collate ongoing 
  • Compile and submit final list of dates for BGRA bookings – Judi to liaise with Village Hall trustees
  • Further research about village What’s App group – apparently, this had been established and Rona would ask Paddy to add all BGRA committee members 
  • Complaint letter to HS2 - completed and answer received
All other matters arising were to be agenda items.

Note added after the draft minutes had been sent out:

The set up of a village WhatsApp group was discussed at a previous RA meeting when it was concluded that it would not be practical to set up such a group and it was not progressed further.  However an RA Facebook group was set up early in lockdown and now has approx 150 members. We are trying to keep the group very much for local people where possible and to decline those not from the area.  If you use Facebook search for ‘Burton Green Residents’ Association and ask to be added.  It would be good to get more updates onto this group.

2. Village Hall Update

There was no report but it was understood the trustees were very busy arranging the necessary risk assessments and hygiene procedures for the re-opening of the Village Hall.

3. Treasurer's Reportt

Dianne went through her report, identifying the income (VE Day grant from the Parish Council and various refunds connected to the cancelled visit to Phantom of the Opera); and the expenditure items (Bugle printing; insurance renewal; year’s hiring of village hall for meetings; various expenses connected to VE Day celebrations).

A question was asked about the grant from the Parish Council as most of the planned activities had been cancelled. However, expenses had been incurred such as the VE Day planter and flowers and it was still planned to purchase an oak tree and plaque so the donation would be utilised to the full.

Thanks were given to Dianne.

4. Residents’ views/concerns

Access to and use of the Greenway

Some residents had objected to the actions of a landowner in Red Lane who had inserted posts close to the two gates to a footpath thereby restricting access.  It appears this was done to prevent horses using the path.  Rona had contacted WDC Footpaths officer who had surveyed the site and declared the farmer was under no obligation to provide spaces wider than a traditional kissing gate and so his actions were reasonable.  The Officer was put in touch with the complainants to explain the situation. He pointed out that cycling on the footpath constituted trespass.

A number of residents had complained about the problems of dual use of the Greenway, often leading to unpleasant altercations between walkers and cyclists. Indeed, one cyclist had been assaulted and ended up in hospital.  It was generally agreed that some cyclists travel far too fast to be using the Greenway. Many cyclists do not use a bell to signal their approach to walkers. Many cyclists also fail to dismount on the slope from the bridge in Cromwell Lane, in spite of clear signposting. This situation now deterred many local residents from using the facility.

Members of the Greenway Trust were planning to consider the situation during a site visit on Friday July 17th and to make recommendations about signage. There was some uncertainty about the ownership of the Greenway and whether the slope, in particular, now belonged to HS2.

It was asked whether those considering the situation had representation from the cycling community.

The footpath on Red Lane was overgrown again and Rona agreed to contact the relevant authorities.

5. Update on and discussion of Residents’ Association initiatives and issues

VE Day

Thanks were expressed to the VE Day group for all their hard work. It was a shame that, because of the lockdown situation, the proposed event had needed to be cancelled. Some items from the plans had been salvaged such as the VE Day planters on the Jubilee Verge. Drone footage of individual residents’ celebrations had taken place in Cromwell Lane, thanks to Derek Lawrence and Jonathan Hehir had edited this.  It was to be made available soon.

Cala Homes update on the site

There was nothing to report.

Children in Need Ramble

Because of the current situation, this proposed fundraising event would need to be postponed.

HS2 fund – what should we ask for?

One suggestion had been entrance “gates” for the village.
Signs along the Greenway were also discussed but it was pointed out that any signs needed to be appropriate for the new Greenway which would be in use before long.

Priorities for precept money

The printing of the Bugle was supported by the precept.
Dianne agreed to send round an updated list of expenditure so that the committee could decide what else might be paid for from this money. This should be discussed at the next meeting.


The Bugle was much appreciated within the community and thanks were conveyed to Mary and to those who deliver the publication. The next edition would be prepared for the first week in September.

AGM September 28th

It seemed unlikely that the AGM in its usual format would be able to take place in September because of rulings about gatherings and the importance of social distancing.  A discussion took place as to whether the AGM could be postponed for a year but eventually it was agreed to hold the AGM via Zoom. Any voting could be carried out by email.  Perhaps some who wished to participate but were unable to use Zoom, could attend the Village Hall following the necessary protocols. If there were any technology problems on the night, the committee would roll forward to the following year.

Iron frame for Christmas tree

It was becoming increasingly difficult each year to obtain a Christmas tree and to find volunteers to erect it (and remove it).  It was agreed to investigate the acquisition of a metal outline of a tree for simple erection each year.  The cost of this might be found within the precept money.

VJ Day August 15th

Should the village participate in commemorating the safe return of military personnel from all wars since WW2? The owner of a vehicle with Help for Heroes on the side would be approached to see if he would be happy to display his vehicle and for there to be a collection on VJ Day, August 15th. If he agreed, slips explaining this would need to be delivered to residents.

6. Greenway Trust update

Matters had been discussed under agenda item 4. There was nothing further to report.

7. Parish Councillor's Report

Cllr Gibbs said the PC had also been holding meetings via Zoom. It had dealt mainly with planning applications. It faced the ongoing challenge of the 80k support available from Cala Homes but which had stringent specifications. It could be spent only on the infrastructure connected to the impact of the railway.

8.  Any Other Business

Janet shared a video of one of the activities of the Canley Community Centre which was the chosen charity of the Burton Green Santa Sleigh in 2018.

The link to the video is here: https://bit.ly/2VV1QG4

Thought needed to be given to which charities should be in receipt of this year’s Santa Sleigh event. If there was more than one suggestion, a vote would be needed at the AGM.

9. Date of 2020 Meetings

The next committee meetings were scheduled for

September 9th
AGM September 28th
November 25th

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Kenilworth Community Forum Policing Priorities – Online Vote July 2020

The online vote for the Kenilworth Community Forum Policing Priorities is now live.

The options are:

  • Kenilworth Town Centre - Crime Reduction Patrols
  • ASB Patrols - Parks and Open Spaces
  • Clinton Lane - Speed Checks/Monitoring
  • Rouncil Lane - Speed Checks/Monitoring
  • Burton Green - Foot/Cycle Patrols

To cast your vote online, please visit https://app.sli.do/event/xnr601te/live/polls

(If prompted, enter event code #99406)

Voting closes at 1pm on Monday 20th July.

For more information about the Kenilworth Community Forum, visit https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/kenilworthforum

Don’t forget to vote!

Friday, 3 July 2020

Cromwell Lane - Temporary Traffic Lights

There will be temporary traffic lights by the railway bridge for 3 weeks from July 20th

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Bugle - June 2020

The June 2020 edition of the Bugle has been published.

Just below are thumbnails of the page images. To enlarge any page image, click on the thumbnail below. Once you have the individual page, you may also need to click on the magnifying glass in your browser, where you can view the page at its original size...

The text of the Chair's Report has also been added to the Residents' Association page.

The archive of back issues of the Bugle is here: Bugle Archive.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

WW2 Memories Burton Green and Westwood

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, several present and former residents of Burton Green have contributed to a film about Burton Green and Westwood during the 1930s and 1940s.

The video is best played in HD at full-screen size.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Home Food Deliveries in Burton Green

This is a compilation of references that have appeared on social media during the past few months. The major supermarkets who obviously deliver in Burton Green are not included here. Suppliers are listed in the order of their appearance, with the most recent at the top of the page.

*** NEW *** Chips and Fishes (Kenilworth)

Details here: chipsandfishes.com

*** NEW *** Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now grocery deliveries are now available in Burton Green...

Visit Amazon and search for 'Prime Now'

*** NEW *** Home Deliveries Recommended by COVID-19 Support Kenilworth

Note that while many of these suppliers will deliver to Burton Green, not all of them do.

Peppercorn Wholefoods

Peppercorn Wholefoods are offering a delivery service to Burton Green selling high quality Dried Fruits,wide selection of Nuts, various Seeds, Porridge Oats and Muesli, Herbs and Spices,Local Honey, Homemade Marmalade, etc...

Peppercorn Wholefoods is a small independent business, established for 21 years, serving the Kenilworth, Balsall Common and Southam communities, normally from our Market Stall.

Several deliveries were made to Burton Green last week and prices were thought to be very reasonable. Delveries to Burton Green will be made on Fridays.

If you are interested in a safe home delivery service please contact us via email: peppercornwholefoods1999@gmail.com

or by phone: 02476231932 or 07908115232.

JJ Foodservice

This company normally delivers to the catering trade and is now providing a home delivery service for domestic customers.

JJ Foodservice delivers in Burton Green on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Click here for more details: https://www.jjfoodservice.com/

The Cotswold Pudding and Pie Co

The Cotswold Pudding and Pie man who can normally be found at the Thursday Kenilworth market will be delivering to the Kenilworth area once a fortnight. The first delivery being on Saturday 11th April.  They already have customers in Burton Green so will be coming to our area

Minimum order is £15. Details of products available (including eggs and cheese) here:
https://www.cotswoldpuddingandpie.co.uk .

Contact 07980 080073.

Food Delivery Agents in Kenilworth  

There is a long list of independent shops and restaurants who offer food deliveries in Kenilworth, which is publicised by Kenilworth Town Council here:

The Bakers Dozen Leyes Lane

The Bakers Dozen has a wide selection of bread and cakes and is also selling flour and eggs.

The bakery has lost its wholesale business, and is now delivering its own produce to local elderly. There is a Tesco Express next door to the shop, and provisions from there can also be provided and delivered to the vulnerable who are self-isolating.

Food Delivery Agents in Coventry

There is a list of small independent shops and restaurants in Coventry who offer food deliveries here. It is not clear whether all of those deliver to Burton Green

Red Meat, Poultry and Fish

Coventry Wholesale Meats normally supply the restaurant trade with red meat, poultry, and fish. They are now providing an online order and delivery service for domestic customers throughout the Coventry area, including Kenilworth. Online ordering may be temporarily suspended when demand is excessive.

Website: https://wholesalemeatscoventry.co.uk/


Frank Kelly delivers in Burton Green
Tel: 02476466681
Mobile: 07791188270

Bakers (and eggs and milk)

Fresh Fish

Fresh deliveries in Burton Green every Tuesday morning.

Contact Gary on 07427 126159

Sunday, 26 April 2020

VE Day Celebrations 8th May 2020

As you are aware, plans for celebrating VE Day had to be cancelled.  However a display will shortly be erected on the Jubilee Verge, at the junction of Red Lane and Cromwell Lane. 

You might also like to join the 'Stay At Home Street Party' and raise a glass to toast the Queen in your front garden at 3:00pm on 8th May, ensuring social distancing is maintained. 

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Burton Green Produce Show September 2020

At this time of the year, the Village Hall Produce Show Committee are usually busy preparing, printing and distributing the Show Schedule in time for everyone to prepare their entries for September.  At this point we do not even know if the Show will be able to take place.

However thinking positively, we thought it would be useful to send the schedule around now as people may wish to plan what classes to grow produce for, children could practice the crafts, cakes can be trialed (assuming you have flour!!) and maybe photos taken on your daily walk can be entered in the Photography classes.

The schedule can be viewed and downloaded from here (PDF file).

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Support for the Elderly and Vulnerable

Support for the elderly and vulnerable in the Kenilworth area is being co-ordinated by the ‘Covid-19 Support Kenilworth’ group.

The group is working with Kenilworth Town Council, Warwickshire County Council, Kenilworth Police, Kenilworth Lions Club, Kenilworth Round Table, Church of England and other community groups and local businesses to provide support to residents who need help.

They will be able to help any elderly or vulnerable people requiring groceries, doctor’s prescriptions or other essential services.

They are also looking for volunteers in the Kenilworth area.

They have a website here:

And a Facebook page here:

Their email address is:

Their telephone number is 01926 919340.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Buses to Coventry Reduced Service

Due to the coronavirus the service to and from Coventry is being reduced to a two-hourly service. The buses will run at the same times as previously, but only at 2-hour intervals.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Facebook Group

A Facebook group intended for residents of Burton Green has been created on Facebook.

To use this group, sign up to Facebook (which is free), and search for Burton Green Residents Association

The group is here (though you may not be able to see the content of the link if you are not a member of Facebook):

As of Thursday 26th March 68 residents have joined the group.

VE Day Events

The VE Day planning group has cancelled the celebrations for May 8th and the event will be rearranged for a later date if at all possible.

A short film about life in Burton Green during WW2, which was intended to be shown during the VE Day tea at the village hall, will now be posted on YouTube some time in May.

It is still hoped to get the 'V and E' letters up on the Jubilee Verge to mark the occasion.

The visit to the National Memorial Arboretum has been cancelled and this has provisionally been rearranged for September 22nd.

Village Hall - Coronavirus Closure

Important Announcement

In line with recent Government guidelines The Trustees of Burton Green Village Hall have closed the premises for the foreseeable future. This is  inline with other social & public buildings. 

Thank you to all users and hirers. We hope to see you when the Government announcement it is safe to return to social gatherings etc.

The Art Exhibition originally planned for Easter is cancelled and may take place at a later date.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

COVID-19 Impact on HS2

COVID-19 impacts HS2 in several ways.


Firstly, there is the long term effect of home working and teleconferencing, which may reduce the future demand for rail travel.

Complete article:

There's a similar, though more in depth, article about the long term effects of home working and teleconferencing in The Telegraph.

Compete article:

The Telegraph article is a Premium article so you may not be able to read the entire article. Some interesting paragraphs are:
The healthier of our railway franchises depend on the sale of season tickets to maintain their farebox (one of the reasons why the East Coast franchise has consistently run into trouble is the low demand for season tickets on that service). And yet, in the third quarter of the 2019/2020 financial year, despite constant and record-breaking growth in overall passenger numbers across the network, season ticket sales were at their lowest since 2010/2011. Season ticket revenue accounted for 33.7 per cent of all franchised journeys between October and December 2019 – the lowest share since records started being kept in 1994.
In other words, even before this current crisis, home working had become popular enough to start making a difference to season ticket sales: why pay thousands of pounds a year to travel Monday to Friday when you know you’ll be at home on at least one, perhaps more, of those days every week?

Economic Impact

And then we have the economic impact.

The government had been intending to raise the £100bn to pay for HS2, not from taxation, but by borrowing. Until very recently the UK government had been able to borrow money on international markets at very attractive rates of interest (almost zero).

That situation has now changed. This is a clip from BBC News, explaining that rates of interest charged on UK government borrowing have suddenly increased, giving the Chancellor a big problem: :

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Burton Green - Recent Burglaries (2020)

There were 27 reported burglaries, or attempted burglaries, in Burton Green during 2019. Those incidents are detailed here:

There is a page of home security advice here:

There have already been three incidents in 2020. We are starting a new page for 2020...

Attempted Burglary - Burton Green, Kenilworth - 17 March

Please be aware that at around 1800hrs on Tuesday 17 March 2020 offenders smashed a panel of the front door in an attempt to gain access to a property at Cromwell Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth. The offenders did not enter the property as they were disturbed by the property owner causing the offenders to make off from the address in a black Vauxhall saloon. This is incident 347 of 17 March 2020.

Burglary - Burton Green, Kenilworth - 18 January

Please be aware that between 1400hrs and 16.30hrs on Friday 18 January 2020 offenders have smashed the rear patio doors and rear kitchen window of a property at Oak Tree Close, Burton Green, Kenilworth. It is not clear at this stage what, if anything, has been stolen. This is incident 290 of 18 January 2020

Attempted Burglary, Burton Green, Kenilworth - 14 January

Please be aware that between midnight and 0900hrs on Tuesday 14 January 2020 offenders have have forced off the lock on a front door of a property at Hodgetts Lane, Burton Green, Kenilworth. The door was damaged but no access was gained to the property. This is incident 88 of 14 January 2020

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Bugle - March 2020

The March 2020 edition of the Bugle has been published.

Just below are thumbnails of the page images. To enlarge any page image, click on the thumbnail below. Once you have the individual page, you may also need to click on the magnifying glass in your browser, where you can view the page at its original size...

The text of the Chair's Report has also been added to the Residents' Association page.

The archive of back issues of the Bugle is here: Bugle Archive.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Minutes of Residents' Association Committee 4th March 2020


Hilary Cox; Paddy Deeley; Andy Gibbs; Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Bron Putnam; Rona Taylor; Faith Ward.

1. Apologies and Minutes of the last meeting

Apologies had been received from Dianne Adams, Helen Hehir and Mary Webb

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Community Fund item to remain on agendaJudy 
Children in Need item to remain on agendaJudi 
Thank you letter to PCJudi
Report potholes in Red LaneRona
Cakes for VE dayAll
Item about VE day to be sent for school newsletter Faith
VE day item to be added to Bugle Mary 
Maintain list of suggestions for funding requestsJudi 
Compile and submit final list of dates for BGRA bookings Judi
Further research about village What’s App group Paddy
Complaint letter to HS2Rona

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

See Minutes of January 22nd 2020 meeting

The minutes of the meeting were approved.

Matters Arising from the previous minutes

  • To enquire if a management committee existed at Cala Homes site (Cala Homes was responsible until the build was completed. Often a landscape company would be contracted by residents at a later stage but there were no plans as yet)
  • Continued planning of VE day celebrations (continuing)
  • Community fund item to remain on agenda (continuing)
  • Visit to Hickory’s Smokehouse to discuss community involvement (Rona had decided it was not currently appropriate to visit. A request had been made to add to the Santa Sleigh collection without response)
  • Liaise with school about 2020 Santa Sleigh (completed)
  • Children In Need ramble to remain on agenda (continuing)

All other matters arising were to be agenda items.

2. Village Hall Update 

The chair of the Village Hall committee had sent her apologies.
The trustees were still waiting for specifications to be finalised to go out for tender regarding the new village hall.
It was suggested the trustees be contacted regarding the re-siting of the defibrillator at the new village hall. Would it be accessible and how would the emergency services enter if a barrier was in place?
Post meeting note: Hedgerow Nursery had recently purchased a defibrillator for community use and a refresher training session would be held soon.

3. Treasurer's Report

A report had been circulated. Rona outlined the details. Total funds amounted to £5087.09. The only expenditure since the last meeting was the Christmas card prizes at £40 and deposits for two visits arranged by Mary (to the Phantom of the Opera and the National Memorial Arboretum.)

Income had been received from the Parish Council grant (£2100); £64.27 profits from the lunch; and £363 payments towards the visits detailed above.

Judi was to write to thank the Parish Council for its recent grant.

4. Residents’ views/concerns
  • A number of local footpaths had been barriered off and padlocked by HS2. This was considered premature and residents were annoyed there had been no prior warning. The PC would be following this up.
  • There were a number of potholes again in Red Lane. There was a particularly bad one outside Wyndrushe and another near Hillcrest. Rona would inform the relevant authorities.
  • Broadwells Wood site had suggested holding tea dances once the new hall was available.

5. Update on and discussion of Residents’ Association initiatives and issues

  • Cala Homes update on the site.  No-one else had moved in recently. There remained concerns about the amount of water in the ditch, although it was acknowledged that the weather had been extremely wet of late. The balance pond was supposed to deal with water levels but at present there were still issues with overflowing water. There were concerns for implications for the new Village Hall site.
  • VE DAY May 8th 2020. The sub committee reported on the planned programme which included the planting of an oak tree in a large pot at 2pm which would later be transferred to the new hall site. A flower display on the Jubilee verge was being considered. Children’s games would take place in the car park (no cars would be allowed in there.) Children would be invited to dress as evacuees. Sherry would be served at 2.45 and Peter Stanworth would propose a toast. Churchill’s speech would be played. Community singing would follow afternoon tea and John Webb was compiling a video of the war history as it affected Burton Green. The event would conclude at 5pm.
Requests for cakes were made. Wartime recipes would be distributed. Action: Hilary
Help with refreshments on the day would be appreciated. Action: All
An item would be added to the school newsletter. Action: Faith
An item would be added to the Bugle as bookings would need to be taken for refreshments. Action: Mary
A request was made to the committee for funding to manage the event but this would be paid back as the event would be charged at £3 per head, £1 for children. This was agreed.
Should new residents receive a special invitation? It was decided a different welcome event would be arranged later in the summer for any new residents.
  • HS2 fund – what should we ask for? A number of village organisations were considering submitting applications. The PC was looking at a suggestion about the monitoring of air quality in the village. Gated entrances to the village were a popular suggestion. It was agreed a list of suggestions should be maintained.
  • Priorities for precept money: A new defibrillator box and the Bugle cost had already been included in the grant request. Other items should be added as they arose.
  • Booking schedule: Judi explained that the Village Hall trustees were hoping to improve the hall booking system. Judi had been asked to submit all hall requirements for the Residents’ Association, (including meetings and events such as the Residents’ lunches), by April for the following academic year (September 2020 to August 2021.) Judi circulated a table showing dates selected for the meetings. She would liaise with Mary to obtain the proposed dates of the lunches. She would then submit to Vic. Action: Judi
  • Village What’s App. A suggestion was made for a village What’s App group to supplement the Bugle and the email loop as a means of more instant communication. It might be used just for security issues such as reporting suspicious vehicles. Paddy agreed to do more research into this ready for the next meeting. Action: Paddy
 6. Greenway Trust update

There was nothing to report.

7. Parish Councillor's Report

The PC had discussed a number of matters including a proposal to increase the size of the Tile Hill station car park; the Neighbourhood Plan; the Crest Nicholson building site on Westwood Heath Road (where house building was now unlikely to begin until the autumn); the demolition of the air raid warden’s shelter which had taken place in Red Lane; and a proposition for an emergency plan.

8.  Any Other Business

  • Children in Need ramble. It was hoped this would go ahead in September 2020. Mary was liaising with local walkers to create a simple route for families to use at a low- key event. This would remain on the agenda. Action: Judi
  • Damage on the Jubilee verge was reported. Daffodils had been damaged by strimming carried out by HS2’s contractors. Rona would send a letter of complaint to HS2 to incorporate this and a number of other complaints about the way HS2 was handling issues. Action: Rona
  • It was agreed to move some of the litter signs designed by children to other locations to maximise impact. Alternative locations were agreed.
  • March 16th Balfour Beatty representatives planned to attend a PC meeting to provide feedback about people’s views regarding suggestions for what should be provided on top of the covered HS2 tunnel.

10. Date of 2020 Meetings

The next committee meetings were scheduled for

May 13th, July 15th,September 9th, AGM September 9th, November 25th

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Burton Green VE Day Celebrations Friday May 8th & 12th

As part of the VE Celebrations a visit to The National Memorial Arboretum is being organised for Tuesday May 12th. Travel will be by coach and the cost is £11.50 per person. The cost might be slightly higher if we have spare seats on a 34-seater coach.
Leave Burton Green 10.00 am arrive NMA at 10.45 approx.
Leave NMA at 3.00 pm arrive Burton Green 3.45 approx.
Entry is free but a suggested minimum donation of £5 is requested.
Brookline coach.
Booking 02476 471669 (Mary) Coach cost on booking
Cheques to Burton Green Residents’ Association please.
VE Day celebrations on Friday 8th May will include:
  • an afternoon tea at the hall and “Raise a glass“
  • games for children
  • a video compilation of war time Burton Green and the country
  • dress as an “Evacuee” competition for children
  • V and E display on Jubilee Verge 
  • a symbolic planting of an oak tree. As the final site for the tree will be in the grounds of the new village hall - a symbolic planting will be at the current village hall.
Times and further details will be published in the March edition of the Bugle.

A small group from both the Residents' Assocation and Village Hall  are working towards our VE Day celebrations. If you have any ideas to put forward please contact one of the group:
  • For village hall - Cheryl Wall, Diane Swindells, Sue Spence, Jill Line, Jane Murphy
  • For Residents’ Association - Hilary Cox, Faith Ward, Mary Webb

Quiz Night - 29th February

QUIZ with Fish & Chip Supper

Hodgetts Lane

SATURDAY 29th February  - 7.30pm

Tickets £12.50 /  Students £10.00

Bring your own drink and glasses please

Monday, 27 January 2020

Minutes of Residents' Association Committee January 22nd 2020

Hilary Cox; Paddy Deeley; Andy Gibbs; Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Rona Taylor; Faith Ward; Mary Webb

1. Apologies and Minutes of the last meeting

Apologies had been received from Bron Putnam

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
To enquire if a management committee existed at Cala Homes sitePaddy 
Continued planning of VE day celebrations Jubilee committee Community fund item to remain on agenda Judi 
Visit to Hickory’s Smokehouse to discuss community involvement Rona
Liaise with school about 2020 Santa Sleigh dateFaith
Children In Need ramble to remain on agendaJudi

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

See Minutes of November 27th 2019 meeting

The minutes of the meeting were approved.

  • Matters Arising from the previous minutes
  • Application for grant from PC had been submitted
  • Mess opposite Cala site reported
  • All Santa sleigh actions completed
  • Broken recycling boxes had been moved by residents

All other matters arising were to be agenda items.

2. Village Hall Update

Paddy said there had been little progress with HS2 and the new hall. A pre-Christmas meeting had been cancelled at short notice. The likelihood of the new hall being built by the autumn seemed increasingly unlikely as tenders for the building work had not been issued yet.

An application to the Community Fund for a commissioned stained glass window had been declined on the grounds that the trustees did not own the land.

Paddy had asked about the next drop-in session and had been told that the effectiveness of these sessions was under scrutiny (even though these had been happening since 2010.)

3. Treasurer's Report

A report had been circulated. A refund was expected for the defibrillator service cost.

4. Residents’ views/concerns

  • The question of the ex-air raid warden’s shelter had arisen again after a resident said a petition was being arranged to save the shelter. This was surprising after Rona had visited local residents to find out their views and after both BGRA and the Parish Council had discussed its fate at length. There were problems because costs to remove its overgrown ivy had been prohibitive. Ownership, and hence responsibility, was unknown. WCC said they would inspect it from a safety angle but could not afford to demolish it. Was it used as a shelter by residents? There were conflicting views about whether schoolchildren waiting for the morning bus used it and other residents did not. This was a matter for the Parish Council to pursue rather than BGRA.
  • The problem of scam phone calls was raised again and Paddy agreed to add something on the email loop.
  • There had been some vandalism at the Red Lane playground but equipment had been repaired.
  • A resident had drawn attention to the work of CAVA(Community and Voluntary Action). A presentation had been given to the committee the previous year.  www.wcava.org.uk
  • A complaint had been raised about the damage to verges in Cromwell Lane that a gas company had caused. This was being followed up with Cllr John Cooke along with the filling of potholes.

5. Update on and discussion of Residents’ Association initiatives and issues

  • Cala Homes update on the site.  Paddy said there were now at least 18 houses occupied with families with a number of small children. Some concerns were expressed about the safety of the balance pond: the builders had erected a fence and Paddy said it was quite shallow. A question was posed about whether there was a residential management committee to monitor roads, paths etc. Action: Paddy
  • Problems with drainage into the ditch reflected the state in which the field opposite had been left. Cala had paid for the pipe to be washed out under pressure.
  • VE DAY May 8th 2020. A sub committee to include members of the Village Hall committee had met. Funding would also be sought from the WDC Forum fund for VE Day events. Planning was still taking place regarding a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. John Webb was compiling a short video; the VE letters were to be displayed on the Jubilee verge; and an afternoon tea would take place in the hall on Friday May 8th. Confirmation was needed from Vic that the hall was available. Action: Jubilee committee
  • HS2 fund – what should we ask for? This remained a difficult question as it appeared proposals could not be considered unless the applicant owned the site of the proposal. As suggestions generally referred to the site of the tunnel, this was impossible. A cycle route from the Crest Nicholson site on Westwood Heath Road through to the site of the new Village Hall has been suggested. This should remain as an agenda item. Action: Judi
  • Santa’s Sleigh review. This had been a successful event raising £730. Unfortunately, Hickory’s Smokehouse had been asked if they would round up the amount collected as in previous years but had not responded. Rona would visit the new management. Action: Rona
  • Faith agreed to liaise with the school about the 2020 date to avoid another clash with events. Action: Faith
  • Priorities for precept money: the previous year’s grant had been spent. The application for an increased grant had been agreed by the Parish Council.
  • Retired lunches: the next lunch was being arranged and 50 people had booked already. Shirley Howes had asked if she could circulate an article at the event about Bill and the pigs.
  • Bugle: a question was asked about the cost of advertising in the Bugle. Mary said there was a minimal charge but space was at a premium.

8. Greenway Trust update

There was nothing to report. The Trust was awaiting details of the road crossings for the re-routed Greenway. It appeared that there was little or no liaison between the Trust and the Parish Council - the latter was also in discussions regarding the route but there was still much uncertainty.

9. Parish Councillor's Report

Two new councillors had been appointed: Archie Taylor and Lucy Hatton.
A car park area of 18 spaces on the Cala site had been signed over to the Parish Council. The aim was to alleviate parking problems at either end of the school day.
The Neighbourhood Plan consultation was in progress. A technical specialist had responded and these comments along with any others received would be incorporated in the next draft before it was submitted to WCC.

Community Infrastructure Levy money was still available for projects of community benefit. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-infrastructure-levy

The Parish Council had discussed the impact of the 240 houses to be built in Cromwell Lane (near Tile Hill station). They were concerned about the lack of infrastructure and where any children from the homes might go to school.

10.  Any Other Business

  • Children in Need ramble. It was hoped this would go ahead in September 2020. Mary was liaising with local walkers to create a simple route for families to use at a low- key event. This would remain on the agenda. Action: Judi
  • It was noted that two mitigation ponds were being constructed in the field where the new Village Hall was to be sited and some members expressed concern that these would impact on the re-routed Greenway.
  • Rona forwarded the following correspondence sent to Cllr Skinner by Coventry City Council:

    Further to your recent e-mail requests on behalf of your constituents, I am able to provide the following update on the A46 Strategic Link Road proposal. 

You will be aware that this scheme forms part of the Coventry South Strategic Transport Package, which includes a range of transport measures aimed at enabling future travel demand generated by existing and future residential and employment development to be managed in the most sustainable manner.  The package includes improvements to public transport and highway infrastructure, and the City Council is working closely with colleagues at Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council to develop the individual transport measures and secure the necessary statutory and funding approvals to allow them to proceed.  The three Councils are also working together to ensure that local communities have the chance to comment on the proposals at the appropriate time which was originally intended to commence early this year. 
You will also be aware that the first element of the package, the A46 Stoneleigh Junction improvement, is scheduled to start work on site in Spring 2020 subject to receiving the final funding approvals from the Department for Transport.  There will be some advance site clearance works in February, as indicated in the attached correspondence from Warwickshire County Council. 
With regard to the next section of the A46 Strategic Link Road, which is intended to improve access to the South Coventry area, including the University of Warwick campus, by providing an alternative route to Stoneleigh Road and Gibbets Hill Road, there has been a significant amount of work on developing concept designs, which we are now aiming to bring forward for public consultation later in 2020.  This is later than previously hoped for but it is considered by Coventry City Council that the timing of a consultation now would interfere with the purdah period for local elections in Coventry and Combined Authority Mayoral elections and so the consultation has been deferred. This does however present the opportunity to progress with developing the consultation material to ensure that we give local communities the fullest opportunity to have their say on the transport scenarios, scheme detail, and issues of local concern such as whether, or how, the Link Road should connect into the local road network to maximise the benefit of the scheme whilst minimising the impact upon local communities.  The consultation will include meetings with neighbourhood groups such as the Westwood Heath Residents Association and Parish Councils as well as specific Ward Member briefings. 
The three Councils are acutely aware of the strong interest in the proposal from the local community, and the differing views that have previously been expressed on what form any scheme should take.  We need to ensure that we identify the most appropriate scheme to address the numerous transport issues that currently exist, and have undertaken extensive work to assess the effectiveness of different approaches to tackle these issues.  This work has taken longer than anticipated and compounded by purdah, which as a public body we have a duty to observe but we want to ensure that we give consultees the best possible information when we do consult with them. 
We are also keeping in close contact with Solihull MBC as they move into their Local Plan Review, as cross-boundary travel is clearly significant in this area.

  • Following recent media interest in the impact of HS2, Chris Langton had kindly supplied the following information:

I have enquired of local residents who have sold (reluctantly) to HS2 who would be prepared to discuss their experience – and have so far drawn a blank. Also several key people are away on holiday at the moment. However I gather that the Levetts have been interviewed.

From our discussion it appears that you are keen to talk to people with personal experience in dealing with HS2 – I have not done so as I have chosen so far not to put my house on the market. Also when you interviewed me at the beginning of this project I was in an official capacity as chair of the Residents’ Association which I am no longer directly involved in. Therefore I think it would be more appropriate to have a representative from either/both the Parish Council or Residents’ Association.

I have spoken with Rona Taylor the Chair of the Residents Association and she has agreed for me to pass on her contact details. 
The deputy chair of the Parish Council is Alan Marshall, a resident for a few years and former railway planning professional who is a close associate of Michael Bing who has advised the Government on HS2. Another Councillor is Andrew Gibbs who handles HS2 matters.

What I can provide you with is an ‘overview’ of the situation regarding compensation based on a log of all purchases in Burton Green by HS2 since March 2010 and knowledge of many of my neighbour’s experiences.

Within the 120 metre ‘automatic’ compensation zone there are 50 properties in Burton Green. 27 of these have so far been purchased by HS2.

HS2 have to date purchased 16 within the 0-60 metre zone where owners receive an un blighted value plus 10% and moving costs – in the majority of cases this appears to have provided adequate compensation though it may have forced a move earlier than planned.

They have purchased a further 11 within the 60-120 metre zone where owners receive just an un-blighted value for their properties. In some of these and a number of other cases the valuation identified has been significantly lower than the owners estate agent valuations resulting in them being forced to stay or accept an unsatisfactory valuation as well as carrying the burden of moving costs – in the case of my next door neighbours that amounted to £35k

Beyond 120 metres HS2 have also purchased a total of 10 properties under the Need to Sell Scheme (and it’s predecessor EHS) – these have generally been within 300 metres of the line after which the full impact of blight does appear to be reduced - a number of these have been to wind up estates after the owners death – apart from putting your property on the market for a minimum of 3 months to prove that it cannot sell the owner has to meet one of four hardship criteria – job move – divorce – financial difficulty or ill health and provide HS2 with full access to all of their medical and/or financial records, something which has put some off making a claim. Historically 2 out of 3 applications have been turned down under this scheme. Also following the Parliamentary petitioning process HS2 were supposed to incorporate into the Need criteria what was termed ‘age and stage’ allowing retired people to move closer to relatives or start a new life in retirement – there is no evidence that this has been adopted.

More sinister, as the costs of the scheme have escalated, HS2 have been reneging on offers reducing them by tens of thousands of pounds on the basis that they have to ‘provide value for money for the taxpayer’ thereby expecting these owners to subsidise the scheme.

The impact of so many rental properties at the core of Burton Green has resulted in a reduction in community involvement by a largely transient population and extreme efforts have had to be made to force HS2 to bring up the rental standards of half a dozen houses which have been left empty some for up to two years.

This has left a significant number of the most affected home owners ‘trapped’ by the inadequacies of the compensation scheme and any potential changes to the HS2 scheme (for instance to start from the North) would extend one decade of blight into a quarter of a century by the time the full project is completed.

10. Date of 2020 Meetings

The next committee meetings were scheduled for March 4th, May 13th, July 15th, AGM September 9th, November 25th

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Kenilworth Community Forum Policing Priorities

The next Kenilworth Community Forum for the Kenilworth and Burton Green area will be held on Monday 03-FEB-2020 at the Kenilworth Senior Citizen's Club, Abbey End, Kenilworth, CV8 1QJ. The forum starts at 7pm.

Prior to the forum the online vote is now live for the Policing Priorities. The suggested priorities are:

  • Mobile Working - SNT Officers working away from the office, enabling members of the public to easily engage with the team. Kenilworth and Burton Green.
  • Speed Checks / Monitoring - Cromwell Lane, Burton Green.
  • School Parking Patrols - Patrols at school drop-off/collection times in Kenilworth and Burton Green. Ensuring children are safe when going to and from school.
  • High-Visibility Foot Patrols - Foot patrols in Kenilworth to prevent/detect offences and engage with members of the public.
  • ASB / Drug Prevention Patrols - Patrols in the Kenilworth area, targeting anti-social behaviour hotspots. Preventing/detecting offences and providing early intervention for young persons.

To cast your vote online, visit https://app.sli.do/event/igk2wuty/live/polls

(If prompted, please enter event code #S335)

Friday, 24 January 2020

Learn My Way

Coffee Cakes and Computers - Learn My Way Courses

A series of computer-based courses, based around the Learn My Way system, will be held at the Village Hall, on Tuesdays mornings, as detailed in the schedule below. The sessions begin at 10am, and last until 12 noon. 

The cost for each session is £3 to include Tea/coffee and a slice of cake (Usually home made)

11th February

Week 1 Using your computer/ipad/tablet/smart phone.

A very basic course including how to switch a computer on, how to use a keyboard and mouse and how to navigate through the screen.

25th February

Week 2 Online basics

How to get the most out of the internet including on-line forms, using e-mail and using search engines such as Google.

10th March

Week 3 More Internet Skills

This is how you might use Online shopping to get your food deliveries. Learn how to see as well as talk to Uncle Fred in Australia by using video calling Facetime or Skype. For those that are interested there is a section on social media such as Facebook and twitter. (But perhaps you would prefer to miss this bit!)

24th March

Week 4 Improving your health

Many GP surgeries are now allowing you to make appointments or order repeat prescriptions on-line services online. Learn how to register for this service.

14th April

Week 5 Using Public Services

This will help you to find out how to contact your local council to help improve local services, report potholes or street light problems. There is also a section regarding Blue badge applications.

28th April

Week 6 Office Programmes- Word

This enables you to type documents from letters to your autobiography. Some computers have a microphone that allows you to dictate your document. You can make letters more interesting by adding pictures. Scan old ones or download from your smart phone.

12th May

Week 7 Office Programmes- Excel

This is a spreadsheet, it allows you to keep accounts, check your budget, see how your food or utilities bill is changing.

26th May

Week 8 Office Programmes- PowerPoint

This allows you to make presentations. Perhaps you give talks on Trains, stamps or needlework.
Powerpoint helps you add pictures or videos to your presentation. You can use it to show friends your holiday snaps on the television rather than crowding round your smart phone.