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Friday, 24 January 2014

Bugle Bulletin - January 2014

Retired of Burton Green Lunch 
1:00 for 1:15 (note the later start time) Menu
Pollo in Unido al limone (Chicken and lemon casserole served with Parmesan Mash) 
Followed by Tiramisu (Italian Trifle) or Apple cake and custard 
Wine/juice. Tea/coffee. £7.00 
To book ring 024 76 471669
Your personal invitation from 
Burton Green Parish Plan Steering Committee
 To come and hear the findings from the questionnaire
 Burton Green Village Hall, Friday January 2014

 We will present your vision of a future Burton Green, and discuss how the action plan can be implemented. This action plan has been presented to the Parish Council and other lead bodies. This is your opportunity to hear about some of the exciting initiatives and actions we hope can be delivered to shape the community over the coming years: broadband improvements, protecting the green space and working with our children are just some of the ideas.
Please come along.

THURSDAY BUS SERVICE TO KENILWORTH FROM BURTON GREEN A new company is taking over the bus service to Kenilworth every Thursday
The current service 84 Centro will stop on February 20th
 This new service (233- same number as Monday) will have wheelchair access. 
Thursday 27th February and every Thursday 
Arrive Burton Green 11.05
 Leave Kenilworth 13.45
 Hopefully this service is secure for the next two years.
The legal process to reduce the speed limit in Burton Green has begun Consultation is open January to 7"1 February
Introduce 30 mph limit on Cromwell Lane, Hodgetts Lane and part of Red Lane Traffic priority on Cromwell Bridge will be reversed
Advisory part time 20 mph speed limit on Hob Lane — at school
Neighbourhood Plan Open Event Organised by Burton Green Parish Council 
To be held at Burton Green Village Hall Sunday February between 10.00 and 12.30 Please come along to our event and you will be able to see the proposals put forward for a new site for the Village Hall and housing developments for Burton Green.
Residents who have put forward their land for the new housing have been invited to attend to discuss their proposals.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Speed Limit Proposals

The following is a letter sent from Warwick District Council to Councillor Whitehouse, that has also been forwarded to residents:

16th January 2014

Dear  Cllr Whitehouse

Burton Green, Village Speed Limit Review – proposed 30mph speed limit and Traffic Calming

Warwickshire County Council is carrying out a review of the speed limits in Burton Green village. The review forms part of the County Council’s Transport Seminar funded works. Following a lengthy consultation with local residents and stakeholders, It is proposed to introduce a 30mph speed limit on Cromwell Lane, Hodgetts Lane and part of Red Lane in Burton Green.

It is also proposed that the priority on the road narrowing on Cromwell Lane (over the disused railway bridge) be reversed. Under the new proposals traffic travelling in a northbound direction towards Coventry will have to yield to southbound traffic, this is in line with the original scheme and will address local concerns regarding the speed of northbound traffic

An advisory part-time 20mph speed limit is to be signed on Hob Lane adjacent to Burton Green School.

Any enquiries relating to these proposals may be made to Richard Elbourne, Communities Group, Warwickshire County Council ( telephone number 01926 412076). Any objections to the proposals, which must be in writing and specify the grounds on which they are made, should be addressed to Richard Elbourne, Communities Group, Warwickshire County Council, PO Box 43, Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4SX. (Objections will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected). Objections must be sent so as to be received by the 7th  February 2014.

Yours  sincerely

Richard Elbourne
Traffic & Road Safety Group




Warwickshire County Council propose to make the above Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to impose 30 mph speed limits upon those lengths of road described in the Schedule below.  

Warwickshire County Council further propose to reverse the priority on the existing road narrowing on Cromwell Lane (over the disused railway bridge) so that traffic travelling in a northbound direction towards Coventry would give way to southbound traffic.

A copy of the proposed Order, copies of existing Orders to be varied / revoked, a plan showing the lengths of roads affected and a statement of the Council's reasons for proposing to make the Order, may be inspected at the Main Reception, Shire Hall, Market Place, Warwick, at the Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa and at the Public Library, Smalley Place, Kenilworth during usual opening hours.

Any enquiries relating to the proposals may be made to Richard Elbourne, Communities Group, Warwickshire County Council (telephone number 01926  412076). Any objections to the proposals, which must be in writing and specify the grounds on which they are made, should be addressed to Richard Elbourne, Communities Group, PO Box 43, Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4SX.  (Objections will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected.)  Objections must be sent so as to be received by 7 February 2014.

(Proposed 30 mph speed limits)

Cromwell Lane, Burton Green
From its junction with Red Lane, in a northerly direction to a point 77 metres south of its junction with Westwood Heath Road (being a distance of approximately 1306 metres).

Hob Lane, Burton Green
From its junction with Red Lane, in a southerly direction for a distance of 50 metres.

Hodgetts Lane, Burton Green
From its junction with Cromwell Lane, in a north-westerly direction to the County Boundary (being a distance of approximately 379 metres). 

Red Lane, Burton Green
From its junction with Cromwell Lane, in a south-easterly direction for a distance of 123 metres.

A G Needham
Head of Law & Governance

(30 & 40 MPH SPEED LIMIT) ORDER 2013

The Warwickshire County Council, in exercise of its powers under section 84(1)(a) and (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and of all other enabling powers and, after consultation with the Chief Officer of Police in accordance with Part III of Schedule 9 to the Act, hereby make the following Order: -

  1. Save as provided in Article 3, no person shall drive any motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 30 miles per hour on the length of road specified in Schedule 1 to this Order.
  1. Save as provided in Article 3, no person shall drive any motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 40 miles per hour on the length of road specified in Schedule 2 to this Order.
  1. The provisions of Articles 1 and 2 of this Order shall not apply to a vehicle falling within regulation 3(4) of The Road Traffic Exemptions (Special Forces) (Variation and Amendment) Regulations 2011 when such a vehicle is used in accordance with regulation 3(5) of those Regulations.

  1. The County Council of Warwick (40 m.p.h. Speed Limit) (No. 3) Order, 1967 is hereby revoked.

  1. The Metropolitan Borough of Solihull (Hodgetts Lane, Berkswell) (40 m.p.h. Speed Limit) Order 1978 is hereby revoked.

  1. Item  2 of Schedule 2 (Red Lane, Kenilworth and Stoneleigh) of The Warwickshire County Council (Various Roads, Kenilworth and Stoneleigh) (30 m.p.h and 40 m.p.h. Speed Limits) Order 2000 is hereby deleted.

  1. The Metropolitan Borough of Solihull (Hob Lane Burton Green) (40mph Speed Limit) Order 1993 is revoked in part by Item 2 of Schedule 1 and  Item 2 of Schedule 2 of this Order.

  1. This Order may be cited as "The Warwickshire County Council (Cromwell Lane, Hodgetts Lane & Red Lane, Burton Green) (30 & 40 mph Speed Limit) Order 2013" and shall come into operation on the         day of           Two thousand and thirteen.

(30 mph speed limit)

  1. Cromwell Lane, Burton Green

From its junction with Red Lane, in a northerly direction to a point 77 metres south of its junction with Westwood Heath Road (an approximate distance of 1305 metres).

  1. Hob Lane, Burton Green

From its junction with Red Lane, in a southerly direction for a distance of 50 metres.

  1. Hodgetts Lane, Burton Green

From its junction with Cromwell Lane, in a north-westerly direction to the County Boundary (an approximate distance of 378 metres).  

  1. Red Lane, Burton Green

From its junction with Cromwell Lane, south-eastwards for a distance of 123 metres.

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Housing in Burton Green - What Do You Think?

This post includes a letter from Peter Stanworth that was distributed to residents on 12th January, and a letter from the Chairman of the Parish Council that was sent by E-mail by on 17th January. There are also several comments that have been added by residents.

If you have any views about this, please E-mail your views to  newlocalplan@warwickdc.gov.uk and also leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Responses sent to Warwick District Council must be received by January 24th.

From Peter Stanworth, 12th January:

I expect that you have seen or heard about the Local Plan issued by Warwick District Council (WDC). If you do not have a copy of the plan it can be found on line at Warwick District Council Local Plan

In Burton Green it is proposed that we should have 75 houses concentrated on one site, the preferred Option number 1, at Burrow Hill Nursery (see pages 40 & 41).  We do not understand how this figure of 75 is determined.  This increases the housing stock by 28%.  This is by far the greatest increase required in any of the villages in Warwickshire, Cubbington for example is only 7.7%.  A more reasonable figure would have been the original one of 35.

There is a strong feeling in the village that:
  1. 75 additional houses is far too great a number for the village to absorb. 35 would be much more reasonable.
  2. Additional housing should be spread around the village and not concentrated on one site.
I have visited the Chairman of the Burton Green Parish Council and he tells me that the Council have no policy on the matter.  He said that he is waiting to hear the views of residents.  The Residents’ Association has no policy.  A Neighbourhood Plan is not yet available.

If you disapprove of the plan please complete the Local Plan Village Housing Options Response Form 2013 that was included with the Plan (a suggested response is attached) saying that you do not want an additional 75 houses, a lesser number of 35 would be more appropriate, and these should be spread around the village.
Kind regards
Peter Stanworth

This is Peter Stanworth's suggested response (click to enlarge)...

From The Chairman of the Parish Council, Ian Cox, 17th January:

Following the intervention of Peter Stanworth and others last Sunday evening, as Chairman of the Parish Council I must make clear to you the position of the Council in the matters raised by Mr Stanworth.

Warwick District Council has asked for responses to their proposal as to where new housing should be built within the village.

Individuals and village organisations can take part in this consultation.

The Parish Council is under a duty to represent Burton Green as a whole and not the interests of individuals or groups of individuals. 

Any response from the Council needs to be considered carefully and objectively. Indeed the Court of Appeal in a case heard just before Christmas reaffirmed that “Planning decisions are to be arrived at in the public interest, balancing all relevant factors”.

Mr Stanworth has incorrectly given the impression that the Council is doing nothing.  This is not the case and Mr Stanworth knows this. 

The Council has received requests from representatives from sites numbered 2 and 7 to present at the next Council meeting.  The Council has already heard from Cala Homes in relation to site number 1. 

The Council will hear those representations on the 20th January.  The Council remains willing to listen to anyone who wishes to address it.

At the meeting on the 20th January there is an agenda item in which the Council will consider its response (if any) to the consultation process.

In the interests of transparency Mr Stanworth made an appointment to see me at my home on the evening of the 6th January.  He immediately told me he was not in favour of site number 1 and identified another site as his preferred option.  He mentioned no other sites.  I told him that the Council had not yet come to a view but was in the process of considering all matters.  I asked him to put his views in writing.  This he did, again favouring one site in particular but also suggesting housing on all of the 16 sites within the village. 

The Council is therefore considering its response and is putting in place the mechanics whereby the neighbourhood plan can be produced. 

The impression given by Mr Stanworth is erroneous.  I have given him the opportunity to correct his mistake but so far he has declined.

I would urge all residents to respond to the consultation but only after consideration of all factors and circumstances.  The views of others who may or may not have interests of their own to pursue should be seen precisely in that light.

Ian Cox

The Short-Listed Areas

This is a copy of the map, from the District Council Plan. The plan says "There has been considerable interest from developers and landowners in presenting possible housing options in the Burton Green area. 16 options have been reduced down to 6 recently discounted options and 1 preferred option."

The 6 short-listed, but discounted, options are shown on the map hatched in blue. The preferred option, Burrow Hill Nursery, is shown yellow.

The detailed reasons for discounting 6 of the short-listed areas are given in the Plan document (here).

Previous Discussion About Housing Plans

In 2012, there was a discussion about planned housing in the Westwood Heath area of Burton Green. You can read about that here: Proposed Building Site - What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

If you have any views about the latest proposal, please express them to Warwick District Council. You can submit a response on-line here: http://warwickdc.jdi-consult.net/ldf/; or simply E-mail your views to: newlocalplan@warwickdc.gov.uk. Responses sent to Warwick District Council must be received by January 24th.

You can also comment, informally, just below. It is helpful if you can add a comment below, as that provides some public visibilty of residents' views. You can read the comments made so far, or comment yourself. Simply click on 'comments', just below.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Minutes of Residents’ Association Committee Meeting January 7th 2014

Hilary Cox; Andy Gibbs; Alice Hawkins; Terry Heyes; Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Bron Putnam; Rona Taylor; Mary Webb; Faith Ward

Janet and Peter Stanworth attended as guests.

Rona welcomed everyone and wished them a Happy New Year

1. Apologies
Apologies had been received from Cllr Taylor; Kathryn Stewart; and Cllr Michael Coker.

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

Cllr Vaughan Owen had pointed out that he was not the broadband champion but that title should be attributed to Paul Thornton.

The minutes of the last meeting of November 19th 2013 were accepted.

Matters Arising

Parish Plan: Mary had included contact details for Chair and Secretaries in the latest Bugle and would do so for all future editions. This was in response to the questionnaire replies which indicated that some residents felt they did not know how to contact the Residents’ Association.

Website: this was to be carried forward to the next meeting.
Action: Judi

Village Hall: Diane would pursue the matter of the plaque.
                            Action: Diane

HS2: Rona had completed the compensation consultation response and Judi would circulate this together with the Action Group’s response.
                            Action: Judi

Treasurer's Report: Mary had provided an inventory of catering items purchased (attached).

2. Treasurer's Report

Terry went through the report (attached).

He explained that it had been a heavy period financially with over £600 being spent in 6 or 7 weeks. He wanted to draw attention to the fact that the only income for the BGRA came from annual subscriptions and that other income had to be raised from grants and donations.  Expenditure therefore needed to be monitored carefully.

Mary added that £250 income remained outstanding from grants towards the catering equipment. Judi asked if a donation for the Bugle publication was still requested from the Parish Council. It was agreed that she would write to request this.
Action: Judi

It was clarified that all the catering equipment purchased on behalf of the Residents' Association and stored by May was available for the community on request to herself or Diane.

3. Update on and discussion of Residents’ Association initiatives and issues

Christmas tree

Thanks were extended to Joy and Rob Barnes for donating the Christmas tree. They were to be offered two free tickets to the jazz evening.
Action: Rona

The decision on the height of the tree had been conservative but it worked well on the Jubilee verge and the Schlotels had given permission in perpetuity for use of their electricity to plug in the Christmas tree lights.

It was agreed to buy a second set of lights with bigger bulbs for the tree in 2014. It was also decided to book the hall in readiness for the post carol singing when mulled wine and mince pies would be served. This was to be on December 16th 2014.
Action: Judi

Flower tubs

Mary was still to obtain these. Nigel Ward was to be asked to transport them in his trailer.
Action: Mary

Retired of Burton Green lunch February 28th

The next lunch would be held on the day before St David's day. A letter would be prepared to inform people of the date.
Action: Rona and Mary

June Higginson would talk at the event about growing up in Burton Green.

Plans for young people's evening
Janet had contacted DBS and was informed that DBS clearance was not required for a one-off event. A date for the young people's evening would be reviewed at the next meeting. Mary would check the availability of the Hall.
                            Action: Mary

The Coxes had offered the use of their table tennis table and other games would be provided.

4. Nick Hogue's letter

Nick Hogue had sent a letter requesting that BGRA wrote to Jeremy Wright to ascertain his intentions with regard to voting about HS2.

This was discussed in detail and although the committee agreed with the principle of the letter, they could not agree with certain statements referring to “the wishes of his constituents” as we could not speak for all of Kenilworth and Southam. There were also some small factual errors pointed out.

It was concluded unanimously that Rona would draft and circulate a letter which asked Jeremy Wright to state his position with regard to the vote now that only one route for HS2 was offered.
Action: Rona

5. Letter from Burton Green School

A letter had been received from the head teacher at Burton Green School explaining that the school was planning to establish a pre- and after- school service incorporating a breakfast club.  This was to be carried out following a consultation with parents who had offered support for the scheme. One of the advantages might be relief of the parking problems at either end of the normal school day.

The committee commented that there might be some impact on local nurseries which offered a pre- and post -school service, but that the school provision would be during term time only.

Rona would write to the head teacher thanking her for the information and wishing the school luck with the new venture.
Action: Rona

6. Jubilee committee subgroup report back

Jazz on the Green: this event was planned for June 14th at Long Meadow Farm, thanks to the Stanworths. A deposit of £100 had been paid to the musicians. The action plan from the Oddsocks event in 2013 would be adapted for use at this event. Burton Green Farm had agreed to provide car parking spaces. The owners of Burrow Hill Nurseries wold also be contacted.
Action: Mary

It was agreed to place free advance advertisements in Your Call and Look Local.
                            Action: Hilary

7. Parish Plan update

The Parish Council was to consider action points on January 20th. An Open Meeting was scheduled for January 31st to present the Plan to the community. This was being organised by the Parish Plan Group.

The action points for the Residents’ Association from the questionnaire results were as follows:

To make sure residents knew how to contact BGRA (completed)
To arrange an annual young people's forum (in progress)
Bulbs at the entrances: At the most recent meeting of the Parish Plan Group it had been suggested that the BGRA committee should suggest residents donated bulbs to be planted on the verges at the entrances to the village. This was agreed.
                        Action: Mary

Issues associated with broadband needed a strategy. Broadband would be needed for any future housing.  It was agreed that an item should be included in the Bugle asking who was concerned about broadband strength and respondents would be approached to form a group to pursue this issue, under the direction of Paul Thornton if he agreed.
                            Action: Mary

The Plan responses had suggested the formation of a Business Club and directory of businesses in the village. It was agreed the BGRA committee would facilitate this by recruiting a resident to take a lead.

A copy of the Plan would be delivered to all households.

8.  Village Hall

In Kathryn's absence, Diane reported that there had been an excellent response to the Village Hall Christmas lunch which had been judged to be the best yet. The Hall continued to be very busy with bookings. The committee was preparing its response to the HS2 envIronmental consultation. The next fund raising event would be a Games Night on February 22nd.

9.  HS2 opposition Group

A fund raising quiz was to be held on January 25th.

Andy reported that the compensation consultation responses had gone in; the Judicial Review was still pending. There was an on-going issue regarding a Freedom of Information request. The hybrid bill had been introduced. The Environmental Consultation response deadline was January 24th. Individuals could put in responses. BGRA was to do one.
Action: Rona

The next stage would be petitioning. Andy felt the Parish Council should probably put in a petition from Burton Green collating the views of all.

10. Parish Councillor’s Report

Cllr Taylor had sent a report: the most significant current issue for the Parish Council was the response to the District Council Local Plan. The Parish Council was meeting the same evening and it was likely they would recommend establishing a steering group to comprise members from the various village groups as well as the Parish Council. It must be decided who would represent the BGRA.

The Parish Council had also voted to recommend to the District Council integrating the university into Burton Green Parish Council as part of the boundary changes.

11. Warwick District Council's consultation

A WDC meeting was to be held at the Village Hall on Friday January 10th from 4-8p.m. This concerned The District Council's Local Plan.

12. Bugle

Mary reported that she was still waiting for some outstanding advertising monies. The committee agreed that in future payments should be taken in advance of including the adverts. Prices would remain the same.
Action: Mary

The next Bugle was due at the end of February. Artists in the village were to be featured.

13. Any Other Business

A query was raised about deadlines for traffic matters including 30mph areas, flashing lights outside the school and the reversal of the right of way on Cromwell Lane bridge.  Rona agreed to seek clarification from John Whitehouse (who had confirmed that the legal process for establishing the 30mph limit began on January 8th.)
                            Action: Rona

Terry reported on progress with Speedwatch and said although PC King was always supportive, he felt the police were less keen and it was difficult to arrange further training sessions. There was a 95% success rate with recording and following up speeding vehicles. Members of the team were not consistent and it was agreed to ask for further volunteers via the Bugle.
Action: Terry and Pat Hehir

Bron said there was a broken utility cover outside 317 Cromwell Lane which was a trip hazard. Rona would report it.
                            Action: Rona

A resident had also reported an overgrown conifer hedge adjacent to Cromwell Lane Bridge.
                            Action: Rona

A query was raised about whether BGRA committee should be replying to the consultation on the Local Plan. It was agreed that this was not appropriate as there were so many diverse views amongst residents and so the matter was in the hands of individuals and the Parish Council.

Janet Stanworth has asked whether the hearing loop could be used for all meetings in the Hall. Diane agreed to receive training in its use from David Line.
Action: Diane

Rona explained there was good news about the Thursday bus service starting on February 27th A new service was to be introduced by A and M which was now to receive funding from the District Council instead of Centro which had proved unreliable. Rona would check with Cllr Whitehouse that the bus times would remain the same. Information would be provided for regular users of the bus service.
Action: Rona

The owners of the Le Van site had made a presentation to the Parish Council of their plans for the site.  Rona had copies of their brochure which was available for viewing.

Peter thanked the committee for allowing his and Janet S’s attendance.

Peter Stanworth commented on the demise of electricity poles with decorative finials which protected the end grain of the pole from rain. Rona agreed to write a letter to Western Power asking about this. Several attendees were complimentary about Western Power's good community relations.
Action: Rona

14. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting

The next committee meeting would take place on March 18th at 7.30p.m.at the Village Hall.

Future meetings would be as follows:
May 6th
July 8th
September 16th
November 18th