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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

HS2 Burton Green Exhibition Pack

HS2 have produced and distributed a set of detailed plans regarding Burton Green, if the scheme ever goes ahead. There are 50 documents in the set. They include numerous maps and some spreadsheets.

The documents are, basically:
  • Introductory letter
  • Petitioners locations map
  • Construction timeframe
  • Construction traffic flows (construction traffic would not use Cromwell Lane)
  • Property demolition map
  • Tunnel proposals and portal maps
  • Electricity feeder station details
  • Village hall relocation map
  • Greenway changes
  • Cromwell Lane bridge
  • Ancient woodland and woodland compensation maps
  • Noise summary (though meaningless, as explained below)
  • Property compensation zone maps
The complete set of documents can be downloaded from here:

Below are some typical documents. These are probably the most significant documents in the pack...

Activity Timeline

This chart shows approximate earliest dates for various activities, as far as 2026 (which is HS2's optimistic date). You can click on this image, and enlarge to full-screen size...

You can also enlarge this plan to full-screen size...

Tunnel Profile

Click to enlarge to full-screen size...

Plan for New Electricity Feeder Station

The Greenway

These 3 plans immediately below, combined on one diagram, show the current Greenway, a proposed diversion during construction, and the final Greenway. Click to enlarge...

Properties to be Demolished

Proposed Relocation of Village Hall

Cromwell Lane Bridge

"There will be a temporary off-line diversion constructed prior to the closure of the existing road. The temporary diversion will then be in use for approximately two years during tunnel construction."

Anticipated Noise Levels, by day and night

This chart seems to be provided without explanation. The chart includes a column labelled Assessment Location ID, which presumably refers to a range of dwellings. The number in the cells might be decibels. It is not clear what this means...

The complete set of 50 documents can be downloaded from here:

Click on the link just above, and then click on the download icon which will appear. This will copy the complete set of files onto your computer, as one 'zip' file...

Having downloaded the zip file, double-click on the file on your computer, and you will see the 50 constituent documents. It is not possible to download individual documents; you need to download the complete zip file, You will then be able to view the individual documents.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Missing Dog - Greenway

Reward Is Being Offered 

Chocolate Tri Colour Male Beagle (Adult). Missing from Berkswell Greenway near Berkswell train station, CV7, on Saturday, 27th December 2014. Could be trying to get back to Leamington Spa. 

Doglost is a free service run by volunteers www.doglost.co.uk

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Proposed Parish Boundary Changes

Warwick County Council is considering changes to the Burton Green Parish boundary.

There are two changes involved:

1) To move the present University ward from Ashow and Stoneleigh Parish Council to become a ward of Burton Green Parish. The justification for this proposal is based on co-terminosity, as the Parish Council and District Council elections are held on the same day every 4 years. It will avoid confusion for the electorate by having the same ward boundaries. This affects 1705 electors.

2) To realign southern boundary of Burton Green Parish. The justification for this proposal is to tidy up an original boundary. This affects two electors.

More complete (and hopefully accurate) details may be found on the Parish Council website, here:

I have attempted to reproduce my interpretation of these changes on the map just below. The thick black boundary denotes the existing parish boundary. The area coloured red denotes the new parish. The areas shown in dark red are the new areas to be incorporated. The area coloured blue denotes the area which will leave Burton Green...

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Proposed New Housing Estate Off Cromwell Lane

This is not a new post, just a reminder.

You may have seen reports in the Coventry Telegraph concerning plans to build housing in 169 areas around the City. The article listed some sites in Cromwell Lane. That article is here:

More complete details are on the Coventry City Council website. One of the proposed sites along Cromwell Lane includes all of the farmland surrounding Westwood Farm.

That map comes from here:

The same plan also refers to building on the sports fields opposite Westwood Heath Church:

That map is here:

Residents in the Coventry area are being encouraged to comment to the Council, by contacting the Planning Policy team on 024 7683 4295, or E-mailing: localplan@coventry.gov.uk

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bugle December 2014

The December 2014 edition of the Bugle has been published.

Just below are thumbnails of the page images. To enlarge any page image, click on the thumbnail below. Once you have the individual page, you may also need to click on the magnifying glass in your browser, where you can view the page at its original size...

The text of the Chair's Report has also been added to the Residents' Association page,

The archive of back issues of the Bugle is here: Bugle Archive.

Friday, 5 December 2014

BBC News Interview With Local Residents

Jerry Marshall and Chris Langton have been interviewed by BBC News, about the HS2 compensation scheme.

Their interviews were televised on 4th December, and can be viewed on the BBC's website here:

Click on the image to run the video.