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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Proposed Parish Boundary Changes

Warwick County Council is considering changes to the Burton Green Parish boundary.

There are two changes involved:

1) To move the present University ward from Ashow and Stoneleigh Parish Council to become a ward of Burton Green Parish. The justification for this proposal is based on co-terminosity, as the Parish Council and District Council elections are held on the same day every 4 years. It will avoid confusion for the electorate by having the same ward boundaries. This affects 1705 electors.

2) To realign southern boundary of Burton Green Parish. The justification for this proposal is to tidy up an original boundary. This affects two electors.

More complete (and hopefully accurate) details may be found on the Parish Council website, here:

I have attempted to reproduce my interpretation of these changes on the map just below. The thick black boundary denotes the existing parish boundary. The area coloured red denotes the new parish. The areas shown in dark red are the new areas to be incorporated. The area coloured blue denotes the area which will leave Burton Green...

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