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Friday, 28 August 2015

Produce Show 13th September 2015

Annual Produce Show

We hope you are all tending your vegetables
 and watching out for your longest runner bean.
Is your carrot going to be the “smallest”

You can make your lemon curd now so it is nice and fresh. 
Please keep in the fridge.

Make sure your pickles and jams are labelled and dated

Have you taken your photos yet; don’t forget to get them printed off.

There is still time to knit a baby coat for the competition
 and for sending overseas if you wish.

Come along and get some 
fresh prize winning vegetables
 and cakes in the AUCTION

Looking forward to seeing you all on 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

HS2 Plans Could be Derailed and then Corbyn Backtracks

Full report here:
HS2 plans could be derailed if Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership

Jeremy Corbyn Backtracks

But this from the Financial Times, September 7th.

"Mr Corbyn voted against HS2 in 2013 but his opposition appears to have evaporated in recent weeks. This summer, he wrote a draft speech opposing the project: but when he delivered it, all references to the line had disappeared.

"Mr Corbyn recently told the Financial Times that it was too late to halt the first section of the route from London to Birmingham — and he would not stop the second leg to Leeds and Manchester. "

Commencement of Work Could be Stalled by Two Years

Other sources are claiming that the project could be stalled by 2 or 3 years: