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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Possible Building on Westwood Heath (Procedural Clarification)

This clarification, of some issues concerning the planning consultation process, has been obtained, from Warwick District Council, by Councillor David Skinner (Westwood):
"When a new planning application is received, neighbour notification letters are sent to immediately adjacent properties (and / or in this case properties on the opposite side of the road) and site notices posted in public places, such as along the road, advising people that the application has been received and providing the contact details and e-mail address of the case officer assigned to the application. Until an application is received and a file generated to hold comments and objections, it is not necessary for people to contact the council, as there would be no clear way of logging their concerns against the correct application. As soon as an application is received, people can submit their comments directly to the case officer. 
People who don’t immediately abut the site should keep a close eye out for planning site notices on the public highway. Local parish councils and Warwick DC ward members (Abbey Ward) will be also advised when an application is received.
Until we have the inspector’s formal report into the Warwick District Local Plan, the site remains in green belt and as such any application that is received would be considered to be contrary to green belt policy and is likely to be refused. As we don’t yet have a clear date for receipt of the report, any application that was submitted now would be considered in this light."

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