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Saturday 17 June 2017

A46 Link Road

The West Midlands Combined Authority has produced a planning document outlining transport planning for the next 10 years. Of local interest is the previously proposed A46 link road.

The new document refers to "Enhanced connectivity between the A46 and A45 in order to better connect the growth in Warwick District and around the south of Coventry to the UK Central Hub area and HS2."

The document does not however include any reference to the A452, nor to Kirby Corner, which had both been referred to in previous documents. The only definite statement is the sentence quoted just above.

The document includes a vague map indicating possible routes. One route would appear to run along Cromwell Lane, Station Avenue and Banner Lane...

Detail from the map on page 36, 'Coventry Infrastructure Planning Development Pressure Assumptions', with additional annotation.

The complete West Midlands Combined Authority document (in PDF format) can be viewed here:

WCC's latest thinking on this matter is explained here, under 'Phase 3':
"Phase 3 This phase would fall in Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s area, with a link from Phase 2 of the scheme towards either the A45 or A452. This element of the project is currently at an early exploratory stage. The aim of Phase 3 will be to enhance connectivity between the Coventry and Warwickshire sub-region and the economic opportunities afforded by UK Central in Solihull. It would necessarily be dependent on successful delivery of Phases 1 and 2. Like Phase 2, there is no firm date for the implementation of Phase 3, but the aspiration at present is to see this come forward around 2026 or soon after."
There is an earlier speculative post, based on the original Kirby Corner to A452 proposal, via Westwood Heath Road and Hallmeadow Road, here:

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