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Friday, 9 June 2017

Ovo Energy Women's Tour Crash at Westwood Heath

The Ovo Energy Women's Tour visited Warwickshire on Friday morning, and passed along Cromwell Lane and Westwood Heath Road.

I decided to take some photos from the same spot that I used last year, not realising there would be a nasty accident at the bottom of the hill.

The accident happened very quickly. In the video you can see some riders veering off down Bockenden Road, and one girl lying in the road on the left, and at the same time a bike wheel appears thrown up into the air in the centre of the group.

One girl, Alena Amialiusik, was treated at the scene for about 15 minutes, and left in an ambulance.

These images were from the ITV coverage, taken from a motorcyle following behind...

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