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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Protest Over False Premises in WDC Local Plan

There is a report in the Kenilworth Weekly News detailing false premises in the WDC local plan, and describing a protest planned for 16th July at Finham.

"A ‘human chain’ will be formed with Burton Green residents and many others in protest over new housing from Warwick District’s Local Plan next weekend. If adopted, the plan will see 1,800 homes built at King’s Hill, 425 at Westwood Heath, and 90 in Burton Green itself. Also, 240 houses will be built west of Cromwell Lane as part of Coventry’s Local Plan as well... 
In protest, residents and campaigners will be forming a ‘human chain’ in Green Lane next to Finham Primary School on Sunday July 16 at 1pm. Anyone against the plans is invited to join in...."
Read the full report, detailing objections to the plan, here:

Event Details

  • At 12.50  pm we will be starting our line at the Finham Primary school gate and then spreading down Green Lane until we reach KINGS HILL LANE. N.B we must remain on the path at all times both for safety and to keep our protest within the law.
  • Anyone travelling by cars please make sure that you park in a side street or on the side of the road OPPOSITE to where we will be standing for safety reasons.
  • Please do NOT park on the forecourt in front of the shops as we need that area to assemble at the end.
  • Find the next space and join the line.
  • Those residents that have the large orange SAVE THE GREENBELT banners please bring them to make more impact in photographs.
  • We have some of the yellow posters NO BUILDING ON KINGS HILL which we will hand out to different people along the route.
  • When we complete the line between the school and Kings Hill Lane we would ask people to start the line from the Primary School towards Finham Park School.  If everyone in Finham turns out to support us we should be able to fill the whole of Green Lane.
  • We have invited Jim Cunningham and the Coventry Councillors to join us.
  • A tractor will be driving along Green Lane during our HOUR of Protest so give a cheer as it passes and remind any media there NO BUILDING ON KINGS HILL.
  • We will be joined by other residents from across the city who are also campaigning against the building on Greenbelt land. 
  • At 1.45 please make your way to the forecourt of the shops in Green Lane where the protest will end with short speeches from

o   Jim Cunningham
o   Gary Crookes
o   Paul Davies
The poster for the event can be found here:

July 11th - World Population Day

July 11th (today) is World Population Day. Governments around the world are being urged to consider the problems caused by unrestrained population growth and to take action.

Though the answer to population growth has nothing to do with building more houses.

See, for example:

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