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Sunday, 9 April 2017

May Day Walk, 1st of May

Residents groups from Burton Green, Duggins Lane and Westwood are collaborating to organise a May Day Walk. There will be two alternative walks. Both walks will commence at 11am.

Route 1 Duggins Lane to Berkswell and return (4.6 miles)

This walk will commence at Duggins Lane. Lady Godiva will be present at the start. At the Berkswell Reading Rooms, there will be a ploughmans and cakes, and an optional call at The Bear.

Route 2 Burton Green to Nailcote Hall and return (1.7 miles)

This walk will commence from the old Peeping Tom (now Hickorys) and walk to Nailcote via the public footpath over the fields. Hickorys doesn't open till 11-30 so there should be car parking space.  You can also use the Hedgerows Nursery site for parking.

We walk 100 yards down Cromwell Lane and turn left, following the signed public footpath.

We go onto the field through gates, following the signed path, and head to the corner entrance to Nailcote Hotel.

The footpath is firm but decent footwear required. It is an easy walk, a leisurely 20 minutes.The Coventry Morris Dancers will perform at Burton Green, after the return, between 1.30pm and 2.00pm.

Nailcote Hall Meeting Point

It is intended that both groups of walkers should meet at Nailcote. Coffee and a cookie will be available at the Nailcote Hotel Bistro for a for £2. There will also be a bouncy castle.

Residents may travel to Nailcote or Berkswell by car if they prefer.

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