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Monday 12 December 2016

Major New A46 Link Road Through Westwood Heath

You may have seen a report on the Coventry Telegraph concerning plans for a link road from the A46 to the A452.

Full report in the Coventry Telegraph:

Precise details of the proposed route have not been made public. How could the A46 and Westwood Heath Road be linked to the A452? One solution would be to connect Westwood Heath Road to Hallmeadow Road, Balsall Common, as shown here.

 It should be emphasised that the routes shown are purely speculative.

Westwood Heath Road and Hallmeadow Road have both already been designed and built to high capacity standards.

Hallmeadow Road was originally intended to form part of a Balsall Common bypass, though that work was not completed, and the road currently takes virtually no traffic off the A452.

If a link to Westwood Heath Road was constructed then some of the traffic that currently uses the A452 could be diverted via Westwood Heath Road and on to the A46. Traffic taken off the A452 would also relieve congestion in Kenilworth.

A new road between Balsall Common and Westwood Heath would also remove much of the traffic that currently passes through Burton Green.

The original statement from Warwick District Council can be seen in the link just below. This is a link to a downloadable PDF file:

The justification for building the new road may be related to the future of HS2. The current political climate is highly volatile and nothing is certain.