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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

HS2 Select Committee Presentations

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week (6th-8th January) various local organisations and some individual residents are making presentations to the HS2 Select Committee.

You can watch all of these proceedings by clicking on these links:
Tuesday Morning Session
Presentations by Burton Green Parish Council, Burton Green Village Hall Committee, The Greenway Trust, Burton Green Primary School.
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Presentations by Burton Green Residents Association, Christopher Langton, William Doyle , Susan Hogue, Arthur Taylor.
Wednesday Morning Session
Presentations by Kyn and Vicki Aizlewood, Anthony Cotterill, Bretton Adams, Peter and Janet Stanworth, Ruth Jackson, Sandra and David Perkins, James and Alison Fielding.
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Presentations by Christopher Blomfield, Shaun Pitt, Derek Silk, Ann and Ian De Worringham, Deirdre and Michael Vernon.
Thursday Morning Session   (This broadcast did not commence until 10.20am. The first 50 minutes were not televised.)
Presentations by Brian and Elsa Halling, Betty Woodward, Margaret Fellows, Patricia Rowe, Michel and Jacqueline Lynch, Alan and Patricia Deeley.

You may see a test screen, without sound, for several seconds before a session begins.

Some sample screenshots, from the Tuesday morning session, are shown below...

Marcus Stewart presenting on behalf of Burton Green Parish Council

Vic Stuthridge speaking about the Village Hall

Eileen Nisbet speaking about the Womens' Institute

Thea Gibbs presenting on behalf of Burton Green School

Councillor Whitehouse speakiing about the Kenilworth Greenway

BBC Parliament

I tuned in to BBC Parliament first thing on Tuesday morning. That was showing Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin.

The poor man was was trying to explain his other recent debacle, the shutdown of the Air Traffic Control computer system. The failure to ensure that a critical system was resilient was ultimately his responsibility.

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