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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Parish Council Meeting and HS2 Property Consultation

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 15 July at 7.30pm at Westwood Church (this is a change of date and venue).  The agenda and draft minutes from the last meeting are on the Parish Council website, here: Agenda 15 July 2014 and here: Minutes 16 June 2014


HS2 have recently sent the Parish Council information about HS2 Property Consultation.  The details are also on the Parish Council website at http://www.burtongreenpc.org.uk/hs2/

Those details are similar to those that have been posted to residents by HS2.

That web page also includes the text of the petition against the HS2 bill which was submitted by the parish council, speaking for the residents of Burton Green. That document is here: BGPC HS2 Petition

A great many hours of work went into the writing of the petition and all the research to get to the point of writing it. We will continue to do everything we can to mitigate the impact of HS2 on our community and recognise the dominant impact it has on the parish. 

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