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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Ovo Energy Bike Races

For the past three years the OVO Energy Women's Tour bike race has travelled along part of Cromwell Lane, between the station and Westwood Heath corner, and then down Westwood Heath Road.

This year two races will take place. The Women's bike race will take place on Thursday 13th June.

This year the cyclists will be travelling in the OPPOSITE direction to previous races, ie they will come up Westwood Heath Road, from the University, travelling onwards towards Berkswell.

Lead cars are expected to arrive at Westwood Heath Road at 10.50am. The cyclists are expected to arrive between 11.01 and 11.05.

More details of this stage:

Then on Friday 13th September, the OVO Energy Tour of Britain race (for men) will follow the same route.

More details of this stage: