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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Revised Burrow Hill Nursery Housing Proposal

The planning application to build 83 dwellings at Burrow Hill, submitted in June 2017, was withdrawn in October, and a revised proposal to build 90 dwellings was resubmitted in December.

The revised application (ref  W/17/2086) is here:

The original application (ref W/17/1247) is here:

This animation shows the differences between the two applications. The animation can be enlarged to full-screen size by clicking on the animation to open it in a new window, and then clicking again to enlarge to maximum size:

As of 20th December a further revision has been made to part of the Northern boundary, as shown in the animation below. It is understood that this simply indicates a transfer of ownership of that 10-metre wide strip of land, which constitutes a proposed bridleway, to HS2.

This HS2 map shows the bridleway, marked in yellow...

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