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Monday 18 September 2017

Minutes of Residents' Association Committee 17th September 2017


Hilary Cox; Judi Hibberd; Janet Hickinbottom; Bron Putnam; Rona Taylor; Mary Webb,

In attendance: Paddy Deeley and Cllr Caryll Green

1. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Dianne Adams, Andy Gibbs, Trish Hancock and Faith Ward.

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Dementia article for BugleCllr Green
HS2 compensation article for BugleCllr Gibbs
Welcome Pack to be sent to committee members who requested itJudi
Questions on the housing paper to be sent to Judi for collationAll and Judi
Arrange bulb planting session on October 15thMary
Check date of carol service and availability of hall on Dec 22nd for SantaJudi
Arrangements for Christmas card competitionFaith
Letter to councillors re AGMJudi
PowerPoint presentationPaddy and Rona
Card to DianneRona
Five rubbish grabbers to be purchasedMary

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting of July 11th 2017 were approved.

Matters Arising from the previous minutes
  • Cllr Green had forgotten about the dementia article and would write this for a future edition of the Bugle
  • Cllr Gibbs would be reminded of the article about HS2 compensation
  • Some committee members asked for a copy of the updated Welcome Pack to distribute to new residents
  • All other matters arising had been covered or were to be agenda items.

2. Treasurer's Report

A report had been circulated.

3. Consideration of funding for judicial review re housing

Prior to the meeting a letter from Archie Taylor had been circulated. It requested a donation of £1000 to the campaign fund against the housing developments in the Green Belt. It was claimed that the developments were planned against a false premise that Coventry’s population and employment projections were hugely inflated and most of Coventry’s needs could be met by building on brownfield sites.

Rona said a meeting of the campaign group was being held the same evening and that more clarity would be available after that.

It was felt that further detail was required and this should be available following the group's meeting. The Warwick District Council meeting was due to take place on September 20th when councillors would vote or delay a decision.

It was agreed that an extraordinary meeting of the Residents' Association would be scheduled for September 26th when Ian Cox would attend to present the legal situation and the detail around a judicial review. Committee members were urged to forward any questions in advance to Judi who would collate them and send to Ian Cox.
 Action: Judi and all

4.  Residents' views/concerns

Hilary reported that one of the flower tubs in Red Lane had been vandalised.

A number of the street lights in Cromwell Lane near the Hickory's Smokehouse had not been working but this had been reported and the matter was being actioned.

The footpath in Red Lane was still causing concern but it was believed work on this was being scheduled.

5. Update on and discussion of Residents' Association initiatives and issues
  • Bulb planting. An article had been added to the recent edition of the Bugle. It was agreed to hold a bulb planting session on Sunday October 15th with residents meeting at 10:30 on the bridge on Cromwell Lane when bulbs would be distributed.  Mary would work out the details and identify locations. Action: Mary
  • R& B band concert was scheduled for September 23rd. A forthcoming Jubilee committee meeting would finalise the details. Free tickets had gone out to original purchasers. A complimentary glass of wine would also be provided or them. Other attendees would be welcome to pay on the night.
  • Christmas. December 22nd Santa's sleigh would be doing its rounds in Burton Green again thanks to Balsall Common Lions. It was hoped to arrange volunteers from the village to support this event again so that the route could, for the second year, cover the whole village. It was agreed a simple supper would be organised afterwards for volunteers. Judi would double check the date of the Carol service with Barbara and the availability of the hall with Vic.  Action: Judi
  • Faith would be asked to liaise with the school regarding the possibility of a Christmas card competition. Entries should be submitted by November 24th as the winning design would need to be at the printers by November 29th. The Hickory Smokehouse would be asked if they would like to sponsor this. Action: Rona and Faith
  • November 10th 2018. As part of the commemoration of the ending of World War 1, a group of residents would be going to a performance of "War Horse" in Birmingham. It had been agreed to hold an afternoon tea in the village Hall with community singing led by Burton Green Village Choir. It was still uncertain whether there would be a beacon as this had been left with the Parish Council.
  • Contact had been made with Peter Hallam when the pavements in Cromwell Lane had been resurfaced. Apparently, there were plans to do the same in Red Lane in 2018.
  • Fast broadband was to come to Cromwell Lane soon.

6. AGM

A sightly different format had been tried last year and was deemed a success. The Meeting would start at 7 with refreshments and would follow last year's format. Judi would send a similar letter to councillors inviting them to join us for a glass of wine.  Action: Judi

Paddy offered to help with the PowerPoint presentation. Officer roles were to be listed on the presentation. Action: Paddy and Rona

The constitution required that the officers and three committee members should stand down.  Current officers (Rona Taylor, Mary Webb, Dianne Adams, Janet Hickinbottom and Judi Hibberd) were willing to stand again unless anyone else wanted to take on any of the roles.

Three committee members had to stand down.

Items to be covered at the AGM were agreed as:

  • Village Hall
  • Housing
  • Policing
  • Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

The banner would be put up on Friday October 13th.

7. Village Hall

No one was available to report.

The Village Hall committee had received good news about HS2's support for the plan to be submitted for planning permission.

8. HS2 drop in session

This was to take place at the Village Hall on September 19th between 4 and 7pm.

9. Parish Councillor's Report

Cllr Green said the PC had objected to the major planning applications for 425 houses to be built at Westwood Heath. They had not opposed the Cala Homes proposal but sent in comments for example about retaining boundary hedges to the site; the need for recharging points outside each house; subdued street lighting; the extension of the school parking area; a vehicular access to the playing field for mowing machinery; and the importance of a high wire fence around the field for children's safety. Fewer trees were recommended on the playing field area and a dog waste bin was requested.  The PC was to have an informal meeting with Cala Homes. 

The road would not run all through the site, hence avoiding creation of a "rat run" but there would be a footpath. The PC was quite supportive of the overall plan.

The building of two houses had been proposed on the plot next to the Thorntons' house. This was being opposed by neighbours.

A new sign had been erected at the Red Lane playground to indicate children playing.

The PC was looking into upgrading the bus shelter.

Talks were beginning about the Coventry Southern bypass. 

Paddy asked if the Cala Homes proposal was still open for discussion. A notice had been issued on September 1st saying it was open for a further 21 days.

Thanks were given to Cllr Green.

10.  Any Other Business

A reminder had been sent of the Made in Burton Green event in June 2018.

Rona would send a card to Dianne wishing her well after her recent operation. Action: Rona

Mary asked if it was possible to buy five more "grabbers"for community rubbish collection and this was agreed. Action: Mary

11. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting

The AGM would take place on October 30th 2017

An extraordinary meeting was to take place on September 26th 2017

The next committee meeting was scheduled for Nov 14th 2017.

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