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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Coventry Local Plan - Cromwell Lane

Coventry City Council look set to approve a draft expansion plan for Coventry, at a meeting on 12th January.

The plan identifies where new homes could be built in and around Coventry over the next two decades on brownfield sites, green belt sites in the city, and other sites over the city’s boundaries in Warwickshire.

The main areas are in Eastern Green, Keresley, Longford, Walsgrave Hill Farm, Whitley, Cromwell Lane and Browns Lane.

A report in the Coventry Telegraph is here:
Swathes of green belt to be lost under new 25,000 homes plan

Additional reaction, in the Coventry Telegraph, is here:
'There will be no countryside left one day'

A general description of the plan, is here:

A series of additional more detailed documents can be found here:

Those documents include this detailed map which shows proposed development on the West side of Cromwell Lane, around Westwood Heath Farm:

This is from a previous map on the Coventry City website...

This is the overall plan:

Previous Post from September 2014

Proposed New Housing Estate Off Cromwell Lane

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