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Friday 18 September 2015

Residents' Association Committee Minutes 15th September 2015

Minutes of Burton Green Residents’ Association Committee Meeting Sept 15, 2015

Present: Hilary Cox;  Andy Gibbs; Terry Heyes;  Judi Hibberd;Diane Swindells; Rona Taylor ; Mary Webb. Alice Hawkins, Caryll Green,

1. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Janet Hickinbottom, Bron Putnam and Faith Ward

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Welcome leaflet to go to  Derek Lawrence electronicallyJudi
Ask Peter Hallam re footpaths in Red Lane and Hob LaneRona
Flower tub to be put in place in Cromwell LaneHilary and Mary
Village calendar instructions for use to be distributed to committeeAlice
Vicki Azelwood to be asked to make a cake Rona
Dates for next years meetings to be arranged at the next committee meetingJudi
Re elections needed for AGM Janet
Banner for the AGM and contact press Rona

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting of July 14th 2015 were approved.

Matters arising from the previous minutes:
  • 1. Judi filled in the PC application form for funds for the Bugle.
  • 2. The building on the Thistle Estates has been referred to the council.
  • 3. Faith did talk to Meg to make sure Broadwells deliveries are no longer being dumped on her drive.All other matters arising had been covered or were to be agenda items.The minutes were approved.
2. Treasurer's Report:

A report was circulated.Terry discussed the year end accounts. He explained the Nepal money had been paid to the DEC-Disasters Emergency Committee. Thanks were given to Terry.

3. Residents' views/concerns:

Hilary reported that the footpaths on Red Lane are difficult to negotiate because of overgrown weeds from the ditch and grass over the footpath. Rona told the committee that she had been in touch with Peter  Hallam from the Highways Dept and that within a month they were scheduled to restructure the bank and bend in Red Lane, cut back the vegetation and build a retaining wall. Rona will ask him about the footpaths issues.

Alice noted the lack of footpaths beyond the school and asked if this could be looked at . Rona will ask Peter Hallam.

4. Update on and discussion of Residents' Association initiatives and issues
  • 1. AP2 petitioning- BGRA put in a petition and have had acknowledgement. Rona reported that there have been 187 petitions submitted.
  • 2. Speedwatch.  Terry reported at length how the speedwatch was going. There has been an incident with one resident that has been resolved by the police. The police are going to have a presence to show that it is a partnership between the police and the community. In the rush hour they are recording 1 person speeding every 2 minutes. Letters are going out but some people are not traceable. Fleet or trade car drivers are more difficult to trace.
  • 3. Broadband update – The promised improvement in speed should be delivered within 2 months.
  • 4. Retired of Burton Green – bookings are being taken for Oct 29th
  • 5. Youth forum and quiz.Oct 9th –Hoping for a good turnout.
  • 6. Flower tubs- Hilary reported that the tubs are being emptied and refilled this week. Caryll Green asked if we could have a tub on Cromwell Lane under the Burton green sign,  but we need a resident to be responsible for watering it. The committee agreed that a flower tub would be good and so  Hilary and Mary will put that in place.Rona reported that she had had several volunteers to mow the Jubilee Verge.
  • 7. Calendar-  After a discussion it was decided that Alice will send details of howto upload and use the google calendar on iphones, tablets and computers, the committee members will trial it and report back.

5.AGM Oct 5 th

The committee have asked Janet to decide who stands down and needs re electing.All members present agreed to keep their allotted roles. As it’s the Associations 60th anniversary it was decided to have a cake and wine at the AGM. Decision to ask Vicki Aizlewood to make the cake taken. The fizzy wine has been donated by the Saxon family and thanks were given to them. Rona will contact the media to see if they would like to cover it as a story and to find the oldest resident to cut the cake.Rona suggested we have a banner made that was reuseable to publicize the event yearly.

6.. Village hall  

The village hall committee had a meeting with HS2 on Sept 11th to discuss moving forward. They should be in a position to report back on details at their AGM in November.

7 . HS2 Opposition Group  

Andy reported that the petition was in but we are not sure when it will be heard.

8.. Parish Councillor's Report

Caryll reported that the clerk and councillors are settling in. The Notice Board will be ordered soon. There is an ongoing problem with the former chairman which is not resolved. They had had a meeting with the university so see how the university can engage with the community. The local plan is to be reported on at the next PC meeting. Caryll then outlined some planning applications including the Avon estates appeal. Caryll thanked the distributors of the Bugle who had delivered the parking notices.

9.  Any Other Business:There was no other business

10. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting:

The next committee meeting would take place on Nov 3rd at 7.30p.m.at the Village Hall. The AGM is on Oct 5th 2015.

Rona asked Judi to try and arrange provisional dates for 2016 to be discussed at the committee meeting in Nov.

Thanks were expressed to all for attending

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