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Monday 20 July 2015

Minutes of Residents' Association Committee 15th July 2015

Minutes of Burton Green Residents’ Association Committee Meeting July 14th 2015

Hilary Cox;  Andy Gibbs; Terry Heyes;  Judi Hibberd; Bron Putnam; Diane Swindells; Rona Taylor ; Faith Ward; Mary Webb. Alice Hawkins.

In attendance: Cllr Caryll Green, Derek Lawrence.

1. Apologies
Apologies had been received from Janet Hickinbottom.

Summary of actions following the meetingResponsible
Form still needed from PC for grantAndy Gibbs and Caryll Green to find form
Grant form still needed to be filled inJudi
Problems with the Thistle EstateCaryll to ask WDC
Letter to Broadwells re deliveriesRona to write to Le Van
Welcome leaflet to go to Dereck Lawrence electronicallyJudi

Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting of May 5th 2015 were approved.

Matters arising from the previous minutes:
  • The money raised for Nepal was paid into the official charity( see accounts)
  • Andy did send ideas to WCC re use of community fund.
  • Mary put up the parking notices
  • Police did look into the man sleeping rough on the Greenway
  • Flower tubs are in place and being watered
  • Judi unable to find form on PC site so Caryll to find the form for her

All other matters arising had been covered or were to be agenda items.

The minutes were approved.

2. Treasurer's Report

A report was circulated.
Thanks were given to Terry.

3. Residents' views/concerns

Derek Lawrence, Chair of Friends of BG School attended the meeting to suggest a coordinated BG electronic calendar. There are 9 groups in Burton Green who could have the dates of their events recorded. Each group could access the calendar and have designated persons to upload dates. Janet and Judi to upload for the BGRA.
Derek Lawrence will tell us how.

Alice reported a problem with the Thistle Estate property in Red Lane. The building has damaged a neighbour’s septic tank requiring a new pump to be installed. There are concerns re its status and the concerns were handed to Caryll Green of the PC to continue with. Alice will let the complainants know who is dealing with it.

4. Update on and discussion of Residents' Association initiatives and issues

Report back from meetings June 5th and 12th to negotiate with HS2, attended by RA,VH and Greenway representatives
Rona reported back that there was a pre meeting chaired by John Whitehouse to discuss the issues and then the meeting with HS2. The village hall are asking for 30% more space and more area outside. The rest of the land will hopefully be bought by WCC and a wildflower meadow was suggested. There will be pedestrian access to the Greenway behind the new village hall and a Greenway carpark which would act as an overflow for the village hall car park. Ideas are needed as to what happens to the area over the tunnel. Suggestions were made re the old site of the village hall. The siting of the building will take account of the aviation pipeline under the field.

Speedwatch.  Nothing to report and thanks given to the team. The camera was used at the school summer barbecue to speed gun the children and adults so it was a re-use of resources.

Broadband update – we are 3 months in to the promised 6 months so awaiting an email soon. Mary reported that a lot of BG was leafleted about it.

Retired of Burton Green – future events
Afternoon tea on Sun 9th Aug
Lunch on Thur 29th Oct

Circus event- was a great success and thanks given to the Jubilee Committee and the Stanworths for providing the venue. The circus cost £1500, the toilets £168 and the insurance £26. The take was £1482 so we made a loss of £212.

Mary has some photos she would like printed at Costco and Terry agreed to the cost. She wants to put them up in the HS2 space in the entrance of the Village Hall and will ask the committee if she can.

Diane reminded us it was the Queens 90th birthday in June 2016, this could be the focus of a future event.

Bugle- will go out the first week of Sept, deadline for entries is 19th Aug

Welcome Pack - Judi reported that it was finished and passed to Deirdre Vernon and Chris Langton to use if new residents arrived. There is no distributor for Cromwell Lane and no decision was made. Derek Lawrence offered to distribute around his network and Judi to send to him electronically.

Celebrating 60 years of BGRA – founded Sep 1st 1955- Rona suggested marking the event at the AGM. It was agreed to have a Costco cake and 60 candles and sparkling wine.

5. Village Hall 

 Diane reported that they are on the verge of appointing an architect. Talks with HS2 are slow and she confirmed they are asking for 30 % more space and more outdoor space. May need to petition re loss of income if they leave the present hall before the next one is built.
Next event is the Produce Show on Sun Sept 13th
Faith thanked the village hall committee for the barbecue held on the 11th July.

6. HS2 Opposition Group

Andy said that AP2 had been published yesterday and that we need to petition by August. General message is thanks for all the changes but it’s not enough. Discussion ensued about tunnel exits and portals.

7. Parish Councillor's Report

Caryll reported that we have 8 of the 11 councillors with co-option of Andy Gibbs, John Vine, Dipa Jethwa and Ray Watkins. There is now a full complement of BG councillors and more recruits from Warwick University are anticipated.

The PC have been looking at the parking issue in BG and are going to leaflet all householders about being considerate when parking. This is not for out of area drivers, a problem that has not yet been addressed.

Broadwells is appealing Warwick District council’s enforcement order and so the PC will put in a submission as to why it continues to be opposed to the work going on there. There is particular concern about the need to replace the hedge removed by Broadwells site.

8.  Any Other Business

Mary has had a lot of information on Macmillan since running a coffee morning to support them. There is a date in Oct they are encouraging us to note and Rona suggests we talk about this next time.

9. Date, time and venue of Next Meeting

The next committee meeting would take place on September 15th at 7.30p.m.at the Village Hall.

Thanks were expressed to all for attending.

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