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Thursday 7 August 2014

Nailcote Solar Farm (Updated 13th August)

Update: 13th August.

A Public Meeting has been arranged at the Village Hall, 7pm on Friday 15th August. A presentation will be given explaining the case against the proposed development.

Update: 7th August.

Green Energy has submitted a planning application to Solihull Borough Council.
A decision is expected within 5 to 6 weeks.

Residents have been invited to comment, which they can do here:

You can also view complete details of the application here:

Comments to Solihull Council must be submitted by 28th August.


Update: 17th July.

The Parish Council has received an update from Green Energy.

This is the revised site plan for the proposed solar farm at Nailcote:
(You can click on the plan if you wish to view a larger image.)

Green Energy has also informed the Parish Council that they have submitted their planning application to Solihull Council. There is usually a period of 7-10 days before it is verified and shows up on the council’s planning portal.  We will be looking out for the full details when they are available. The Parish Council will be meeting on 18 August to consider our response to the application.

The previous post about the Solar Farm is here:

Editorial Comment

The Burton Green Parish boundary was drawn up in 2011. Much of what is historically Burton Green was not included in the new Parish. Some of the farms along Cromwell Lane and Hob Lane have their houses inside the boundary, but most of the land that was part of those farms lies outside the boundary. The boundary makes a detour inwards, precisely to exclude the land of Burton Green Farm!

(Image derived from Burton Green Interactive Map)

Does it make any sense for Crackley Wood (2 miles to the East) to be part of the Parish of Burton Green, when Arnold Farm and Burton Green Farm are not?

Burton Green Parish Council really ought to have sole planning jurisdiction for the land behind the houses in Cromwell Lane.

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