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Saturday 17 May 2014

WDC New Local Plan - New Housing at Burton Green

Warwick District Plan have issued a revised New Local Plan and consultation document. 

Consultation runs for a period of 6 weeks commencing Friday 16th May until Friday 27th June 2014. Following this consultation the Local Plan will then be submitted to the Secretary of State who will appoint an Inspector to conduct an Examination in Public later this year.

The full details of the plan and details of the consultation are here:

Anyone making representations should bear in mind that the independent examination will only consider whether the procedures for preparing a local plan have been properly followed; whether the proposed Local Plan is sound; and whether the District Council has complied with the statutory duty to co-operate.

This is the map of Burton Green, showing the site for 60 new homes at Burrow Hill Nursery. 

This revised plan also shows the path of the proposed railway.
In relation to HS2, the plan says:
NE6: High Speed Rail 2 (HS2)

The Council will seek to minimise the impact of HS2 on the natural environment, businesses and residents of the District.

5.201 Should HS2 go ahead, it is important that applications submitted in relation to the detailed construction programme (including any associated temporary use of land in the district for associated measures such as construction sites etc) are carefully assessed in accordance with the enabling legislation, in order to mitigate any adverse impacts of the development on the communities and environment within Warwick District.

5.202 The Council considers that it is important that applications relating to High Speed 2 provide sufficient detail with regard to the mitigation measures required to make HS2 acceptable in planning terms.

The previous post about New Housing in Burton Green is here:

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