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Sunday, 28 July 2013

HS2 Surveying Greenway Usage Sunday 28th July

Local resident, Andrew Burrow, calls for help to protect the Greenway from HS2 destruction.

HS2 are surveying Greenway usage - TODAY (Sunday)

HS2 are surveying the usage of the Greenway in the Balsall Common/Berkswell area. Their current plan is to shut the Greenway and use it as a route for construction traffic.  The more people that are counted using it, the more chance we have of getting them not to use it for construction traffic.
Survey Dates
The last survey date is Sunday 28th July. I am told they will be surveying from 8 am to 6 pm.
There are two survey points. At the Berkswell Station end of the Greenway (access via Carstins Garage from Station Road) and about 1 mile further on by the Waste Lane road bridge over the Greenway. 
On Thursday 25 July they dropped the Berkswell Station end survey because so few people used it on Wednesday but they will be there on Sunday. We need lots of people to join the path at the Balsall Common/Berskwell Station end or to get to that end of the Greenway and return towards Kenilworth. If you ever use the path, then use it on Sunday.
How do I get myself counted
If you pass both checkpoints on the same trip it counts as one trip. If you are on two different trips (and routes) then you get counted twice. If you walk once, then the best thing is if you join the path at Berkswell Station/Balsall Common. If you walk twice get the Waste Lane bridge in your walk.
Get your friends to come with you. Make a day of it on Sunday. Take the bike, take the horse, take the dog, the grand children or your lover. Get there and be counted.
Thank you

Andrew Burrow

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