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Monday, 27 May 2013

Mobile Library Service Review

The Mobile Library, provided by Warwickshire County Council, calls at Burton Green village hall, on a Tuesday (3.15pm), every 3 weeks.

The Mobile Library Service is being reviewed this summer.
"The service currently consists of five vehicles stopping at over 400 locations around Warwickshire, serving around 3,650 customers, every three weeks.

Over half of the stops are used by less than four customers. This is clearly an inefficient use of the vehicle and staff. For over half the stops on the service, the vehicles are barely receiving any visits during the time they attend.

Where this is happening, we are proposing to remove these stops. This does not mean that an area will not be visited by the mobile service; it means that we will combine stops, where possible, using those that more customers (four or more per visit) attend. This will enable us to operate a more efficient service with three vehicles, rather than five.

For many of our customers, there will not be much change. The stop will stay the same although the time and day on which it calls may alter. For others it might mean that the location in their area changes as stops are combined."
There are more details about the review in the link just below. The link also includes more details about consultation and a feedback form for comments:

The review will run from 20 May to 31 July. All comments will be collated and added to a final report to Warwickshire County Council’s cabinet to be presented in the Autumn of 2013. The new timetables will take effect from January 2014.

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