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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Buses and Transport

Buses To Coventry

Buses to and from Coventry run hourly, Monday to Saturday.

to Coventry - 6 minutes past the hour
to Balsall Common - 52 minutes past the hour

Early morning and late afternoon times are different (see complete time-tables below)...

The complete time-table, with route details, is here:

Buses To Kenilworth

A flexibus service, number 233, runs on a Monday. From December 1st 2011, an additional service, number 84, will run on Thursdays.

This is the complete time-table:

Warwick Health Transport Service

Warwick Health Transport Service provides transport for medical appointments.

Tel 01789472615

The switchboard is open Tue, Wed, Thurs, 10am-1pm.

Booking is required, at least a week in advance.

Cost is 45p per mile. The driver will wait if appointment is up to an hour. If longer, the driver may go home and charge for the extra return journey.

Drivers use their own cars. The scheme is run by volunteers.


  1. I'm looking for transport from Bourchier close ( by tile hill train station ) to or as close to Burton green school . Can anyone help with knowledge of buses or a local taxi firm

    1. There is bus a service, that runs along part of that route (between Westwood Heath Road and Hodgetts Lane), once per hour. 50 minutes past the hour from Westwood Corner, and 6 minutes past the hour from Hodgetts Lane.

      The total distance is 1.5 miles. IMO, the best and simplest option would be to walk the entire distance. It should take about 30 minutes.

    2. I was thinking more of my 4 year olds little legs , thankyou for ur reply

    3. Get in touch with the school. There might be some others in the same situation. Maybe a lift could be arranged. You can also get bicycles with child carriers, I don't know how safe they are.