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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

e-petition to Stop HS2

The Greenway
You may have seen a report on BBC News this morning, about an e-petition to Stop HS2. The petition was created by Joe Rudkin.

The basis of the news report was that although more than 100,000 written signatures opposing HS2 have been collected, they 'don't count', because they have not been registered on the official e-petitions system.

In an article in the Coventry Telegraph, Joe Rudkin explains that written signatures collected at the recent HS2 road shows are not admissable, according to these criteria.  Only votes recorded on the official e-petition website count.

At the time of my posting this, the Stop HS2 e-petition has 2,214 signatures. Ideally it needs 100,000.

There is also an e-petition in support of HS2, which has 323 signatures.

The Stop HS2 e-petition is here: Stop HS2

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