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Burton Green Photographs

This website contains a large number of original photographs of Burton Green. The principal pages containing photographs are listed just below. There is also a small selection of images on this page. Please be aware that all of these images are copyright.

Village Events

There are many photographs of various village events on these pages:

2018 Armistice Event 2018 Made in Burton Green 2018 OVO Tour of Britain
2016 Made in Burton Green 2014 Yarn Bombing and Scarecrow Trail 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
2012 Made in Burton Green 2012 Village Hall 30th Anniversary 2012 Produce Show
2011 Produce Show 2017 Open Gardens 2002, 2007 Open Gardens

Historical Photos of Burton Green

Various photos of Burton Green, dating from the 1940s onwards, have been sent to us by former residents. You can see those photographs on these pages:

Reminiscences of Burton Green in the 1940s by Rick Jowett Memories of Burton Green in the 1950s by Stuart Barratt Photos of the Burton Green Light Railway in the 1960s from Judith Risley
History of The Peeping Tom Old Photographs, History and Memories of Burton Green School

Miscellaneous Present Day Photographs

The approach to Burton Green along Hodgetts Lane

A view towards Warwick University from Red Lane.

The University is the set of white buildings visible in the picture.

The Coventry Skyline, about 5 miles away, viewed from Red Lane

Cromwell Lane and the Water Tower, seen from the East. This picture was taken from a spot near Roughknowles Wood.
The picture was taken in mid-May and shows the range of vivid greens exhibited by the trees visible just at that time of year.

The Greenway.

This is the 16th Century Moat Farm, an attractive Grade II* listed building.

The countryside around Moat Farm.

View towards Black Hales Farm.

Friendly cows.

The wheat harvest in August.

A combine harvestor and grain trucks at work in small fields, amid oak trees, on a farm at Burton Green.

Another farm, also at Burton Green, here gathering silage (dried grass to feed to animals during Winter). 

From a nice Summer's day, to the depths of Winter....

These two photos show an occasion when two West Midlands buses became stuck in deep snow, on the corner of Cromwell Lane/Hodgett's Lane.

The drivers had to spend the night in someone's house. They were rescued the following morning (when these pictures were taken).