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Cromwell Lane - Tithe Map

The Warwickshire County Record Office holds an original copy of the 1841 Berkswell Tithe Map. This is a map of the entire parish of Berkswell, originally made for the purposes of taxation, which shows every field in the parish. Every field is identified on the map by a unique number. There is also an accompanying ledger, which lists all of these fields, and gives details of their field names, owners, occupants, and an indication of the type of crops being grown.

Some of the information from the Tithe Map and Ledger have been transribed onto the interactive map of Burton Green. Selecting the option 'Properties (1841)' will show the areas of the principal farms and cottages in Burton Green...

In 1841, much of the land along the Berkswell side of Cromwell Lane was owned by three women, Jane Lant, Sarah Coleman, and Jane Wright.

Sarah Coleman

Sarah Coleman can be found in the 1841 census. She was then aged 45, and described as a farmer. She had a son, Charles, aged 20. It appears as though she was widowed.

Quite by chance, her homestead is the same plot that was used for a test archaeological dig last Autumn, and some of the pottery and earthenware fragments discovered then may possibly have been hers: Garden Archaeology in Burton Green.

The 1851 census entry for Sarah Coleman shows that by 1851 she was living alone in a cottage in Windmill Lane (at the far end of Hob Lane). Her son, Charles Coleman, had moved away from Burton Green to follow a vocation in the Church of England.

Jane Lant

Jane Lant owned the land which includes Arnold Farm.

The home of the Lant family was at Nailcote Hall, which lies just a few fields away to the North-West. At the time of the 1841 census, Jane Lant was not living at Nailcote Hall. In 1841 Nailcote Hall was occupied by her brother-in-law, Richard Lant, and his family.

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